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VIDEO GAMES 2013 VIDEO GAMES 2013 (Formally known as “SOFA-KING New England”) is an interactive snowboarding event that allows the participants to enjoy the freedom of riding with the creativity of filming and editing. They can compete with friends via voting for their favorite Video Game edit online. Winners will be awarded prizes the day of the event and edits posted online will be awarded at the following event.

 WHY? – We know that most riders are bored to death with the competition circuit, and more in-tune to having fun and enjoying snowboarding. Video Games will combine the fun of filming using the whole resort, progressing tricks and creativity, and inviting everyone at all levels.

January 26th – Wachusett, MA
February 9th – Loon Mtn, NH
March 2nd – Sunday River, ME
March 23rd – Okemo Mtn, VT

 Contest Schedule Format:
8-9 am Level 1- Registration
9-12pm Level 2- Video Game zone riding for daily prizes
12-4pm Level 3- Open time for filming the whole resort
12-4pm Special Level – Filming WORKSHOP session with RTP crew
4-5pm Final Level- Awards and presentation

 Level 2 is where all the action begins. Jam format event on Video Game features. Awards will be given to best male, best team, best female, best grom, and the secret scavenger hunt prize.

 Level 3 is open format to film and capture footage around resort. Top 10 videos will be judged by Video Games Panel, and hosted on StrapdUp.com for final voting. Teams with the most votes win, and points will be tallied for overall Grand Prize.

 Edits: VG13 will provide 20 teams with the necessary material to complete a 2 minute edit. Rights-free music and ‘intro/ender bumpers’ will be provided. The rest is up to the teams.

 Hosting: Strap’dUp will provide the hosting of videos along with the online judging system. Edits will be required a specific upload date, running length, and export format.

 Judging: Judging will be based two criteria. Edits will be submitted to VG13 on a specified date, and judged by the VG select panel. This first round helps eliminate the fluff and pushes through quality edits. Runner up edits will be hosted on ReelTheory.com. Edits will then be hosted on the StrapdUp.com site allowing the online voting system to determine the final top 3 edits. Best 3 edit prizes will be awarded at the next event.

 Grand Prize: Best overall team will be awarded the Grand Prize based on meeting final criteria: 3 completed and judged edits, overall votes from edits, and ranking based on final number of votes from all three videos. Grand Prize will be announced online November 1st 2012.

 Learn how to create digital media, and interact with some of the East Coast’s most talented filmmakers and photographers!

 Digital Media WORKSHOP Sessions: We realize that creating digital media is NOT accessible for everyone. So this is why we have provided the Digital Media WORKSHOP session for all interested participants who are not entered into the edit contest. The course will be open from 12-4 and RTP crew will formulate workshop groups with a dedicated camera specialist. Participants will receive coaching on the best practices of “etiquette”, “angles”, and practice’s that “focus” on the basics of creating good media. All participants will receive a personalized edit from that days activities. Final videos are available for personal “sponsor me” reels or personal use on YouTube for friends and family to see. Entry will be limited to a preregistration, and on availability or first come first serve basis the day of the workshop.

 Registration will be available online and also on site. Registration page and entry fee will be posted November 1st. Form your team now, be one of the first to register, and have a kick ass winter.

 Stay Tuned… Like us on FACEBOOK, and look out for the Video Games 2013 Official WebSite coming soon! www.videogamesevent.com

Here is the link to the FaceBook: http://on.fb.me/QHQqvi
Here is the link to the Website Info Page: http://bit.ly/QHQ8oi 

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