Friday, February 29, 2008


Wachusett has their all night event going on tonight until 7am. Check their site for details if your legs can take it. Watch the sunrise on you millionth run of the morning.


Loon is the place to be Monday. The weather looks like it'll be warm ( high 30's - low 40"s)and a bit cloudy. Strobel and I are going up to work with Norton on Last Call and get some turns in. If anyone feels like catching up with us cruise on up. Word is the snows in great shape and more is on the way this weekend. Remember Last Call is Wednesday March 26th and you should get a room up there for that night so you can your grove on with us at the Station.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is a simple post about an event that Wachusett is setting up for the late part of the season. It's from their site and will probably be updated as they get more information and more solid sponsors. It's posted in their events section if you dig around. I'll try and get a poster and more info to you all here as things develope. For now save the date if you want to watch or compete in it.


The Northeast THROWDOWN
at Wachusett Mountain
March 29, 2008

$5,000 cash purse
Ski & Snowboard Categories
Featuring the Smith Limo Jib
Prize Raffle- Anyone can win
Wach-u-Tube Season long finals
GO211.com virtual competition finals and on-site filming

10:00-11:00am Registration- Pro-$35 Am-$20 with valid lift ticket or pass
Day-of discounted lift ticket for all who register
Pre-Register for even more discounts- HERE

12:00pm Competition begins
Format: Unique multi-feature Showdown
Pro/Am divisions- Pro- winner take all cash purse ski/board divisions
Am division- 1,2,& 3rd place prizes in ski/board categories

4:00pm Rossignol Seven Artistic Sins After Party
Live Band

*Pre-Registration Available for discounted ticket- add your name to the list now!

SuperBowl Friday?

Go to Rye Airfield Friday Night..
Contest starts at 7:00pm
Entry Fee- Price of a session
$1000 first prize for the Open division!!!

Hope you guys can make it..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These and more..check em out.


Just in...more Sole Tech shoes including these Habitat colabs. Decks from Zero and Mystery, clothing and hats from Krew, Spitfire, Stussy ...... daily drops. Yup.


These shoes, hoodies and more from Circa have arrived.


Go to the news section of the main site for details since I can't seem to get direct links to work on the blog like everyone else.



Just returned from a family trip down in Fla. The kids went off with the Grandparents to Disney, and the wife and I drove down to Key West. Good idea. So we drive down for 5 hours, two of which we go topless. The car..not me and the wife. Bad idea. Use sunscreen when you look like paste, or be prepared to look like a wooden match stick in the pool for the next few days with a bright red head. What do you do in the Keys? You sport fish, sun bake, buy cheap tourist t-shirts, take in some tunes and eat /drink at the many bars. The majority of what everyone does is the last one. I am not sure what laws they have there, but evidently there aren't many. There's not much of a skate scene unless you long board but I would imagine the surf scene is good somewhere down there in unseen spots. Before you leave stand in line with other tourists so you can have your picture taken at a big cement post ( the southern most point in the USA ) After that, pack up what's left of your liver and get home. It's pretty fun there if what you love to do the most is practically nothing. Good stuff.

NEW IN THE NEWS SECTION (of the main site)

Checkout the new easternboarder.ning website. This site is an extension of the easternboarder.com which is in turn an extension of the brick and mortar stores.

The majority of websites are like a stale one-way conversation, some sites have places where you can send a comment. Now you can help create the content and have actual conversations about it. So with no further adieu, here is easternboarder.ning get crackin' and get a profile up and running.

(it might take a second to be approved, I'm trying to get make it instant)

ONE Lucky WINNER will win an EB T-Shirt and New Hat.
(winner will be chosen randomly from the first 25 people to join)


Saturday, February 16, 2008


We're getting more and more drops of new shoes and clothing for Spring this time of year. LRG, EMERICA, E'S and more. Other colors and styles not pictured have come in too and there's more on the way.


Thanks to everyone that came out to ride this Fri night with us at Nashoba Valley. Mike upgraded the Wardance booter to a nice two lip 25 footer and decent longer landing. The jump was mellow but the action was heated making it fun for everyone. If you creep over to their park a new buttery box was added too. Considering how much rain we have had lately the snows holding up well and the jump was able to take a good hour of hammers. Tommy, Chrissy and the park staff judged and kept the take offs cleaned up, while I tried to get a couple pics with a dying battery. Thanks to the Fletchers, Mike and the crew for setting up a fun event and to Volcom, Rome and Smith for some great prizes.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


New shoes are starting to ship for Spring if your kicks are tired or you just love the smell of new shoes.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Why does EB spend so much time at Loon and Waterville? Very simple..besides the decent snow, there are features like this. Perfectly sculpted take offs, landings and attention to fine detail make their parks look more "skate park like" than snow piles with lips. Norton and Loons crew are legit, and with Luke M. at Waterville you can bet it's better than most other parks on their best day.

Don't forget the 8th annual LAST CALL at LOON this year March 26th. Yes it's a weekday...plan to call in sick. Stay over night and meet us all at the late night too. ........maybe you should call in sick twice. Photo stolen from the Loon terrain site...check it out.


Come on over to Nashoba this Fri night and win some random prizes from Volcom and more. It's free..you just have to have a valid lift pass. You can trade us your bag of tricks for a bag of prizes.

Friday Feb 15
Sign ups in main lodge starting @ 5 pm
practice starts @ 6:30
comp starts @ 8:00

twilight ticket valid from 3-10 is $30.00
night ticket valid from 5-10 is $27.00

Ticket/pass is required for the event, no hiking allowed.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Save on select jackets, pants, boards, boots, bindings, helmets, goggles...blah blah, blah..and more. There's still great riding until at least the end of March locally and even later up North.There's still plenty to pick from for womens, mens, kids and pets clothing and equipment. It's time to stop renting and own it. We still have some 2 for 1 lift passes to give out with jackets for Loon, Sunday River, and Sugar Loaf. That's roughly another $70 savings on top of the sale!

ALL 2008 SNOWBOARDS, BOOTS, BINDINGS and SNOW CLOTHING ... at least 20 - 40% off!!!!


A few of the locals have asked me this winter "where has Rotax been?" ...well..looks like he's still out there and hasn't lost his desire to ride the steel either. Chris just took 3rd place at the Union Square Street Sessions in NY right behind Mike Cassanova and Jason Dubois. Gooner was there too so the competition I'm sure was heavy. Nice going Chris...Read about it and see some photos on that event and more on www.snowboardermag.com

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Seems the Oakley Crowbar Colab goggle has spun off an entire collection of EAST goods. Get em while they last. Party pup t-s look good.


New Profile mini front hub and 25t gear. That's it DVD from Fuzzy Hall.


Come and get it...


For the last couple days we were up at Stratton to check out next years snow gear. This is pretty much what it looked like. It's always a good time even if we didn't have the best snow conditions. There's some really good stuff coming out for 2009. Stay tuned.
This was the view out of everyones goggles.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Evidently there's an art show at the Danvers shop. Good thing we found this on Myspace so we knew about it too..Hey Danvers spread the love you kooks.

ALMOST and...

Just in.....skate t-s, hats, and hoodies from Almost, Enjoi, Darkstar. Enjoi straight leg and slim fit jeans too.

It's a snooze fest today..stop in and I'll give you a Volcom snow globe. It's "almost" as entertaining as a lava lamp and you "green people" will love it since you don't even have to plug it in. It's hand powered ...just shake it and "enjoi." There's no "Darkstar" but there is a Volcom stone in the middle of it.

Bring us cookies.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Please do me a favor and take a moment to see what has happened to the current state of skateboarding.... Well at least skateboarders who let a TV crew follow them around...Jesus....buy a different pros deck..this guys a freak. If there's one dude out there over 16 that thinks this guys for real let's hear it. I know he can skate well, but this is a whole new level of sell out. If a dollar hangs in front of this kid it's going to be taken...Don't let skating get so lame...Please...

Friday, February 1, 2008


We're going to be in good shape for weather during the Wachusett Ryan Joubert event. It should be warm enough to keep the snow soft, so make it if you can. We have a cash purse and prizes. The park crew set a couple new boxes / rails up and the 1/4 pipe is cut and might be usable even after tonights soaker.

Forecast for Saturday the 2nd
8am 26° F Partly Sunny
9am 28° F Partly Sunny
10am 30° F Partly Sunny
11am 33° F Partly Sunny
Noon 36° F Partly Sunny
1pm 38° F Sunny
2pm 40° F Sunny

3pm 40° F Partly Sunny


EAST beanies and "American Apparel" zip up hoodies.


Volcom sweaters and some SB hoodies belts, hats, wallets...


New Tre's, Duece 2, and Tre high.


We still have a better selection of women's and mens snowboards, boots, bindings and clothing than most shops get before Christmas. There's also at least two more months of really good riding left. We're heading into what's typically the snowiest time of year and then the Spring riding is always a blast. Peep it.


Looks like EB will be at Nashoba Valley on Feb 15th Friday night. We're going to have either a new larger jump constructed on War Dance or use what we can build on in the existing park. Weather permitting we will be there. Word is even with this ice/rain/snow mess we're getting now snowmaking weather is just ahead, and things should look great again in time for that Friday night. It's always fun to dork around and get everyone together there. You'll need a valid lift pass and your A game. We'll have some prizes and make sure some of the Nashua guys make it down too for entertainment. Of course the Outlook will be a good spot for later entertainment too. Stay posted on times and updates.