Monday, July 30, 2007


Its been some pretty eventfull days for country strong saturday they cruised Maine to the South Paris skate park/ bowl and then street in portland. The bowl was fun and def worth the trip up. While at the park we found out that hot dogs are red up there this was really weird we would have had pics but before the camera could be turned on they all got eaten. Portland looks sick but then we found that everthing was skate stopped however we did find a pretty fun wallride. Then on sunday night we cruised some trails somewhere in New Englad where the locals have been busy digging and made some really fun lines with bumps berms and jumps everywhere. Dirt was a bit dry but with all the rain we just got lines should be running great this week. Check the few pics we got. And the one from Concretedisciples.com for the bowl pic

Friday, July 27, 2007


Etnies, Props Mega Tour 6, Chill Bro DVD's and random parts

Just released SLAVE decks

Forum hoodies, T's, long sleeve T's and snowboard gear is shipping already. Nitro boards will be here next week. Burton is on the way and many others will follow.

Gaspar and I rode a full pipe today it was a bit slick from the humidity but fun none the less heres some pics

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beaupr's New Hair Cut

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Invaded and doing battle here in the shop. The recent attraction of a giant bag of sweet and sour gummi worms had a colony of mini ants really happy. Bummer for them though..they also seem to love the taste of poison. Humans take round one.


Nate Legsdin snuck into the shop today. Here he is on his way to set up a new deck. Just kidding Nate...if we used this picture for Tommy he would have become enraged. Both Tommy and Nate have been lurking at the Hadley park where they do their absolute best work.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


EB Offical Shop Lurker Vinny D broke out his new digital camera satruday at the Littleton bmx jam and sent us a few shots, Enjoy....

EB Team Rider Connor Hobbs whipping it

EB Team Guy Party Marty BLASTING!!

Josh sure can click a turndown

Vitamin Water was in full effect

Coplin's hair even looked nice under his helmet during this tucked no hander

Friday, July 20, 2007


KHE Premium folding tires...and you thought titanium was the shizzle. Lighten your load with these disgustingly light new street sneakers.

New Cush seats and posts from Animal that fit with Macneil seats too. Sharing the same "pivotal" design now, which eliminates hardware at your legs when pinching the seat. Lightweight and in multiple colors.

3 free tricks... redeemable at the trails when your new parts get that thing lighter and even easier to whip around.


ATTENTION SNOW FREAKS! It's nearly August.... have you figured out what pass you're buying and what whip to rock? This is when the real shreds start looking and sniffing around the shop for "the new stuff". YESSSSS! you can already come in and turn 271 pages of all new Burton gear. Come get the new catalog.

Evan Hecox Top 5

Go to CrailTap.com for a Top Five with an awesome artist Evan Hecox...
His artwork has been seen on most Girl and Chocolate skate decks along with Salomon's "Select" line of snowboards...





Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bachinsky Gone Wild

Go to HubbaWheels.com and watch it this instant... its AMMMMMAZZZING!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Worthy of his own. Substance deck ... Ralph Murphy. If you don't know Ralph you need to get out more.

Simply one of the best skaters the East has to offer.


New Ogio backpacks and others rolling in

A dozen new kicks from E'S EMERICA and NIKE

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Dyllon turned 16 today.... If you see him make sure you say Happy B-Day..
Oh and watch out homeboy got his permit. The roads are not safe!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greco is so hot right now...

Little Glimps into the Epicly Later'd Greco episode...
Go to VBS.TV to see parts 2-4


It's thats time of year when all the local shreds go to Hood! See some of your favorite EB personalities like PAT! HONDO!! and COLLEEN!!! Bobo the wonder dog and Richard Simmons!??? ok.. so I don't have photoshop and you can see the scotch tape lines but you get the picture. Preston runs one hell of a camp. Happy goggle tanning. See you when you get back.


To some, Snowboarder Mag's World Quarter Pipe Challenge may have been left in the memory banks....or at least been partially left there anyway. Here an unknown soldier sips a lil brew before the real battle began. Pat Bridges, if you're reading this thanks for the foggy memories.


Doug and Todd couldn't be more opposite, yet look how well they get along. Dougie Death "sings" for DEFCON 4 and Todd sells exotic cars for living. Both are hell on wheels.


With snowboardings increasing popularity, the ski indurtry is working hard to find new ways to get you back on two planks.... back to the drawing board.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who wants to try?

This makes skateboarding look safe...

Friday, July 6, 2007


Go to Redbull's Boston stop of Manny Mania then make it a night on the town with the after party..check it.


....ok so Dyllon isn't exactly out learing how to shoot arrows and making clay pots like some other summer camp kids...but he is camping. Couch camping. Pat, Mac and Desimas have this kid on skate missions all the time....he slays it. M.Tallone and M. Bagley have him on a lil flow from Foundation and Circa too. Peep Dyllon and others on the EB skate team page.


New kicks and clothing from Supra and Krew...K-Slims, T-S, Hoodies and more.....

Monday, July 2, 2007


1st local victims .."Country Strong" BMX rippers


Watches from Vestal and Nixon

Decks changing by the day

New Blend and Four Square hoodies

Sunglasses from Electric Smith Oakley and Dragon

Nolan Munroe

....ok..some of you may have seen Nolan around. This kids killing it. Go to Rye and he'll be there all alone half the time skating vert. His ever supportive dad Rick, will either be cleaning the ramp or be sitting out in the car during events so he won't give out the "my dad is there vibe"..someday this kids going to get muscles and his airs will get even bigger. Although vert isn't quite what it was back when Gator was rolling around, it's still sick. Nolans unique though. He still gets down on the rails and street sections of the park too. Well rounded and mature for a grom. Some pretty heavy guys have had Nolan under their wing around here and it's paying off. Recently he was one of ten kids in the world personally invited to participate in the "Am/Jr X-games (not totally sure of the actual title) That's a major invite and we're wishing him the best when the time comes to compete.

Kruper ...pre rock star

so we have a blog....

Evidently blogging is so hot right now that we are all doing it. Little by little we will be posting you all tons of useless info and random thoughts. We'll try and bring you pics and blurbs of happenings around the shop and local "scene" stuff. If you have a warrant out for your arrest and or hiding from anyone give us the heads up if you don't want your mug posted here. Chances are a camera will be handy in the shop any given day, and you yourself will fall victim to being posted here. Is this the new Myspace? Anyways..go skate Acton, Fitchburg, MSC, the sick new North Hampton park and soon the Hudson park. Their all good and offer all different things for anyones taste.
Get your BMX on at the new Fitchburg BMX park right next to the Joubert clover cement pond. Littleton is getting down and dirty as we speak, and word of a opening jam is in the air. I believe it'll be on July 22nd. Other events and things will hopefully be posted as we know whats going on in the area. If you happen to live near a pond or lake send us some lake jumping pics for us to post...not something lame either. Sketchy ones are more fun to look at. Get some hang time.
If you're a snow shralper come get some of this last years equipment ..cheap. There are boards, boots, and bindings at the September tent sale prices. Jackets and pants ..goggles..it's all still here. TAKE IT AWAY. Get some rink ice and go mangle a nice new board on your favorite rail. Nothing says "I snowboard more than you" like three cameras rolling, a few sets of lights and all new gear mid Summer. Why wait until Fall. The other guys will beat you to the home video release date.
Sneaker heads and over printed T fashion folks...We are loaded up with 10 Deep, The Hundreds, Nike SB, Diamond and more..EB even has a new East Denim realease soon for you tight pants lovers.

Thanks for wasting a minute here. Come back and keep in touch with the Leominster crew more often. B.