Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tiverton, RI skatepahhhhk.

Tiverton, Rhode Island is getting a new skatepark, and from the looks of the progress it should be a good one. Take the drive and go check it out, it should be open mid april so keep it in mind next time you want to git shreddddddy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Huge thanks to Jeff Fox and the crew from Salomon Bonfire for the recent trip out to Powder Mountain in Utah. EB will be carrying the gear again next winter too. Be on the look out for Villains, Salomonders, Mans Boards and more.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Buy 1 get 1 free snowboard sale!

3 DAYS LEFT!!! Come on down we still have plenty of stock to choose from, buy any snowboard full retail and get a second one of equal or lesser value for FREE! Thats right i said it, you can also get 40% OFF of any single snow item. Check the flyer or call us at 1-978-466-5100, for further details.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Vans, Thrasher goodies, planB skateboard decks.

We just got in a few new styles from Vans as well as fill in sizes from some older models, Thrasher hats, Ts, sweatshirts, and beer goggles, and new decks from planB, everything you need to get this spring started out proper.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New shoes from Gravis and DVS.

Just in time for this awesome weather new shoes just came in the shop, the all black waxed canvas dylan slip-on,the Arto mid in black, and the filter duro which features a suede ollie pad to prolong the life of the shoe. We also have the Torey and Gavin 2 from DVS in jah-rasta and black color ways.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


rider - Zach Normandin. More photos to come.

2012 sponsors: Eastern Boarder, K2, Oakley, 32, Redbull, and Loon Mtn. plus support from Celtex and Ass Wax.

Top three men and women received K2 snowboards, Oakley backpacks containing Oakley goggles, and a pair of Frogskins. There were 32 jackets, Ass Wax, assorted t-s, hats, Celtek gloves, and and Oakley Holeshot watch worth $550

1 ) $1500, 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes. Nick Doucette
2) $1000 , 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes. Ian Keay
3 ) $500 Oakley pack with prizes. Hunter Wood

1) $800, 32 boots, Oakley pack with prizes. Joanna Dzierzawski
2) $400 Oakley pack with prizes. Mary Rand
3) $200 Oakley pack with prizes. Amy Gan

rails.... Nick Doucette $200
wall and 1/4 pipe .....Terrick B $200
hip .....Travis Nuenhaus $200
high air on the hip..... Nick Doucette Oakley Holeshot watch
honorable mentions ...bags with sponsors gear Henry Padden , John Murphy, Tyler Davis.

Thanks everyone
Andy Bub

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jake O'brian


Loon is pushing the hip for Monday. Should be a good one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


OK for those of you riding be early for registration. If you come past 9:30 you may lose your spot to a rider waiting to fill it. Riders meeting at 10:45 above the first feature.

Times: 8:30- 10:00 Registration in Java Junction. Contest will be cut off at 80 riders. Any spots not fulfilled from this list will be open to walk ins.

Zone 1- Rightside Hip
Zone 2- Wall Ride Redirect
Zone 3- Jibnasium
3:30 Awards at the Shaping Shack

4:00 - 6:00 Apres in the Bunyan Room @ Loon

If someones info is a bit off sorry..Had to post this asap.

1 Amy Gan - Mtn Riders
2 Mary Rand- Volcom, Von Zipper, ThirtyTwo, Coal
3 Bekah Ashley - Burton
4 Marie Hucal - Rome, Ashbury, Holden
5 Lily Calabrese
6 Brittany Horowitz
7 Taylor Owen - EB
8 Joanna Dzierzawski

1 Brendan Rego - EB/Civil, Frndly Fire, Volcom, Nike, Capita, Oakley
2 Brian Skorupski -Von Zipper, ThirtyTwo, CAPiTA, Union, Coal, RVCA
3 Brandon Reis - Flow, Saga, EB, Neff
4 Zack Wilmot - DC Shoes, The Collective, Flux Bindings, and Credo.
5 Nick Esposito - Ride Snowboards, Smith Optics, Loon Mountain, Eastern Boarder Worcester.
6 Zach Normandin - Volcom, Electric, Nashoba Valley, EB
7 Jeremey Landy - Strap'd Up
8 Kevin Court - Ride,Smith Optics, and Eastern Boarder
9 Chase Chicoine - ride, smith, and EB Nashua
10 Casey Savage - Forum, Mtn Riders
11 Alex Von Braun - Mtn Riders
12 Yale Cousino - EB, Shred Optics, Vans, Rythm, ifound, Rome (flow)
13 Graham Hoffman
14 Brandon Honeycutt - Status, 686, Dragon, Flux
15 Tanner Mccarty- Forum, Oakley, EB
16 Ralph Kucharek - Burton
17 Ezra Racine- Burton
18 Jeremy Montplaisure - Burton
19 Dylan Dragotta- Burton, EB, Arnette, Analog, Mica Movement
20 Travis Nuenhaus- Burton, Electric Visual, Analog
21 Jeremy Reid- Burton
22 Will Mayo - Status Snowboards, Smith Optics, Gatorade, Fuel Outerwear, Flake Clothing.
23 Cole St Martin - Salomon, Electric, Friendly Fire
24 Shaun Murphy - Step Child, Carinthia, 32, Celtek, Skullcandy, Oakley, Volcom Street, Magical Go Go, The Collective, Theory, Neff
25 Mike Ravelson - Capita, Volcom, 32, Ashbury, Howl, Crab Grab, EB
26 Ben Pond
27 Kai Wiggins - Oakley, Signal, 525 East, Snowboard Shack
28 Sean Kaulbach
29 Ryan Hryckiewicz - Niche, Akinz, Daylight, "Face" Neckwear, Slick Rick's Board Buttah.
30 Riley Nickerson - Rome, Rhythm Livin, 3L, Dragon, Darkside
31 Nick Julius - EB, Volcom, Rockstar, Electric
32 Cole Navin - Frndly Fire EB woo
33 Tyler L'Hereaux - K2
34 Parker Szumowski - K2, EB, Volcom, Neff, Electric
35 Ian Hart - EB, Rome, Oakley, 525 East, The Color Blue
36 Danny Garrity - EB, Smith, Forum, Special Blend
37 Russ Collins
38 Sam Hulbert - Ride Snowboards and Outerwear, Smith Optics, NEFF
39 Ian Keay - dinosaurs will die, credo, the collective clothing, carinthia
40 Johnny O'Connor - EB, capita, union, coal, 32, Etnies, Ashbury
41 Al Grogan - Yes, Celsius, ini cooperative, I found
42 Jake Lampson
43 Tim Charles Edwin Major - Darkside
44 Chelone Miller - Arbor
45 Garrett Fitzgibbons
46 Brenden Hart - Flow Snowboards, Electric Visual
47 Colin Hart
48 Ben Ross- Oakley
49 Jake Aaronson
50 Nic Hudson - Nashoba Valley
51 Ryan Kelly
52 Jay Lamphier - Niche, Celsius, Now, INI Cooperative.
53 Henry Padden - Credo, Yes, Gatorade, Wasted Talent
54 Rob Hallowell - DC, Oakley, Drop, Drake, Snowboard Jones, Fairgrounds swingers club
55 Eugene Stancato - Arnette, Nike, Bean, Boppo
56 Mikey Prespitino - Boppo
57 Matt Bothfeld - Forum, Special Blend, Big Boulder Park
58 Peter Pape - Salomon, Bonfire, Big Boulder Park
59 Jayell White - Forum, Special Blend, Big Boulder Park
60 Nick Doucette- Oakley
61 Robert Connors
62 Nate Carroll
63 Dennis Filteau - Niche Snowboards
64 Dakota Whitaker - Gnu, Nomis, GBP
65 Brandon Taylor - Rhythm
66 Peter Pape - Salomon, Bonfire, Big Boulder Park
67 Jayell White - Forum, Special Blend, Big Boulder Park
68 Merrick Joyce - Volcom, Snowboard Shack
69 Michael Wickenheiser - Forum, Special Blend, Dragon, Hobo
70 Adam Stander
71 Bar Dadon


East Snowboard Mag just dropped the new issue. Check it out ...Tanner and Norton interviews.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tuesday, March 6 - Sunday, March 11

If you ever wanted to try a bag jump now is your shot at it over at Wachusett.

Designed as a training tool for skiers and riders, the huge air-filled pad cushions the landing for aerial maneuvers. A variation on the fall cushions used by professional stunt men, the AcroBag lets every skier and rider practice big jumps with a soft cushy landing.The AcroBag iswill be on hand at Wachusett for skiers and riders to test their jumping skills without fear of a hard landing.
This is an excellent opportunity to progress your skills and is ideal for everyone from pros to first timers. Coaching is available for everyone throughout the week along with the Progression Session Big Air Competition on Saturday, March 10th from 1pm-3pm full of great prizes and a festive atmosphere.

Tuesday: 2pm—8pm
Wednesday: 1pm—8pm
Thursday: 1pm—8pm
Friday: 1pm—8pm
Saturday: 10am—5pm
Sunday: 9am—4pm

Trial Pass—2 Jumps $10
Full Day Pass—Unlimited Jumps $25
6-Day Pass—Unlimited + Big Air Competition Entry $99


With under a week to go we're packing up for our end of the season banger at Loon. This event has always been simply about having fun snowboarding with friends but the winnings really make it feel even better when the dust settles.

Huge thanks go out to our sponsors: K2, Oakley, 32, Redbull, and Loon Mtn. Some last minute bonus prizes have been tossed in too from Celtex and Ass Wax.

Whats up for grabs this year at Last Call? For starters $5000 in cash will be split up a few ways. Here's a look at what gets packed into the winners Oakley backpacks. Everyone gets Oakley goggles, and a pair of Frogskins. There are 32 jackets, Ass Wax, t-s, hats, Celtek gloves, plus K2 snowboards for top three men and women, top two guys and the top lady get a 32 voucher for new boots. Someones going to snag this sweet Oakley Holeshot watch worth $550, and there are three random bags for three random weird things that we see during the day. Someones going to win it...and if it's anything like the last 11 years everyone will be throwing down. If you have never been it's quite a show. Next Monday the 12th at Loon.....be there.

Monday, March 5, 2012



Monday the 12th at Loon and Tuesday the 13th at Waterville. Blow off work and school. It's going to be fun.

Friday, March 2, 2012


First 8 dudes or ladies to comment on this post with proof or to bring by proof (video or photos) of themselves shredding some jibs or sweet lines with the fresh snow win some free knit gloves and we'll post up your proof online so you can show off to mom and dad that your not just waisting your time that you made it big and onto the inter web. Don't wait to long or the gloves and the snow will be gone is gonna get real warm and wet real quick!

Thursday, March 1, 2012