Friday, January 30, 2009


summer time pat from shapeco on Vimeo..
Shot by Spada.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Friday, February 6th 2009 at 9:00 Eastern Boarder in Natick will be premiering Alien Workshops new video, Mind Field. Coming a whole nine years after their last great video Photosynthesis, Mind Field is going to blow minds. Having full parts from Arto Saari, Heath Kirchart, Josh Kalis , and Mikey Taylor just to name a few. This video will not disappoint in any way. Make sure you plan on coming to this.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Here's Sean McLaughlin from who knows when at Nashoba Valley..probably around 94 also, like the photo below of the aftermath of another US OPEN. "Room for two please"...more like ten.
From the look of it Ricks still trying to stay passed out sitting up. Seans moved on from EB and has since become a "road bike guy". I watched him race in the Fitchburg Longsjo around town and to no surprise he was good at that too. Sean is about to tie the knot this summer and living in Pa where he took the #1 cat4 race jersey for the state last year.,,,yeah Diamond Cross!


Lets take a trip in the way back machine here. This is the OG Nashua store before Earl and the crew claimed it. That's Sean Mclaughlin manning the place while another old friend Josh Ettwein awaits a new snowboard set up. Today Nashua is a skateboarding mecca. Serious talent has leaked out of that area and infected much of New England and beyond.

This is the second stop on the handful of EB shops that started in Fitchburg. It's when I started. Yeah..I'm still here just a little more gray and weathered. These were a couple of the after school locals Justin and Kristin. Name that cloudy looking snowboard next to Justins head between he and Kristin and I'll be very impressed.


If you're up in the Beerlington VT direction getting your Jay Peak or Stowe itch scratched then bring your skate and stop into our old friends park too. Dave and his wife own Talent Skatepark and you should check it out before you go home. That's Dave with the pom pom beanie and score sheets back in 94 at one of the old EB events at Nashoba Valley. Dave and I worked together in the old Fitchburg shop where all he would listen to was Slayer from open to close. Not that I mind Slayer but he would griptape any other disc that he didn't like making them useless. Woodsy also went on to building many of the old wooden parks around New England including the old Burton ramp. Also in the picture is Muzzey sitting down on the mic, Eric Ass Man Kovall with the D23 hat, Tabor, Abbey, Pat Rowe and Jen for those that remember.

3 X 5

Depending on how old you are you may or may not have anything like these but their called photographs. People put them in anything from photo albums to the budget shoe boxes displayed here. In the digital age of cameras it's sad to not have something like these as far as I am concerned. On the bright side you can now crap through thousands of shots to get the few good ones without blowing your money on the prints. Check this shot of Chad on the old 9 Victor ramp with Doug on the deck. If you're good we'll bring you more..stay tuned.

Look up on the top of the Blog ..That was the portable mini ramp we had set up at Fitchburg State for the day during one of their Spring events..they were way extreme. It was a good session with all the locals and guys like Bacon, Worcesters Nick P, Nick Rod, Josh F, Hans with dyed hair, Jason B, Dan 2Z, Dave WoodZ, James, Muzzey, Craig Martin, and more.


.....AFTER WACHUSETT? So many riders grow up here in Ma. spending every waking day on the local slopes of Wachusett and Nashoba Valley. For smaller ski areas they still offer big time fun for the most part, but it always amazes me how many of them never leave their local hills and explore the great white North. No ..not Canada..just the mountains a couple hours away even. Every once in a while someone breaks the mold and actually gets the golden opportunity to live the dream and spend their winter just a bit outside the comforts of home in a snowboarding wonderland. Some of the old EB personalities spent many years up at Stratton in the "crack den", multiple heads gathered in the infamous Blue Lodge, and other crews made couch camping a total art winter after winter in these parts and out West. For 15 year old Nick Julius of Sterling, he's been lucky enough to have the support from his parents for the last couple years and packed up to live at Waterville Valley to be coached and primed by Bill Enos himself. Watervilles track record for helping mold some of New Englands best riders speaks for itself if you have done your homework, but who could be next? Nick? Who knows really..so much talent is tucked away in the mountains of New England weather you're coached or not. Either way you slice it every day on the snow is a good day no matter how you approach riding. Get it while it's here. ( clips of Nick above )


So here we go again with another fun slopestyle event for all at Wachusett on the 7th. Head to head riding for cash and prizes. We'll pick a few of the better features in their park to session on for a while ..keep things loose, give out some stuff, have a little pizza, and call it a day. Ryan Joubert was a great kid and friend of many in the area. His passing a few years back isn't forgotten. The Joubert family was the driving force in creating the Ryan C Joubert Memorial Skatepark in Fitchburg too. So come on out, take a few runs and have a few laughs with EB and the crew from Wachusett Mountain. Please make it on time for registration so we get going on schedule.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The details are slim but the event's happening for sure at Wachusett on Feb 7th. Be there with EB for a laid back event to remember our friend Ryan and win some great prizes. Stay tuned ...just save the date!



Nick Francke the destroyer. Bummer he couldn't be somewhere a little more bluebird and scenic though. Pics by Tommy Bause

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Loon was in amazing shape today under damn close to blue bird skies and pretty decent temps. We had another good sized crew between Read, Mulch, Brian J, Ben, Mark, Chris, Tanner and a few Moore like Deb. Jacques was there...and don't forget about Dre. Jay and Norton's park crew even served up a bunch of dogs and burgers between runs at the shaping shack. Although the main park isn't quite kicking yet they were blowing a ton of snow to get it dialed asap. The smaller park is open, they were shaping a mini pipe under the gondola, and the pipe at the bottom of the wallride was going...besides all that there's always something to dork around on all around the trail edges. Get up North..it's worth it.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Go hit up some events this winter. Miss Last Call March 25th and you're on the poop list.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


In the words of Beaupre " Redbull is going to kill someone"

Friday, January 16, 2009


Nike heads ...we still have Zoom Force boots, Nike jackets, and just got these Blazer High and Dunk High Twin Peaks SB's in.


Red Bull brings dirts ..and snow to the Big Apple....

Did you book a room in NY for this thing yet? These were "stolen" shots from some GO211.COM clips hyping the RED BULL SNOWSCRAPERS event. Look at Bettera there and Pat..true dirty NH guys ..you know this things going to be good. For those of you that don't know about the old Bone Yard, it was from for lack of better terms the old park "back in the day" at Waterville Valley. For me it was a regular footers dream park since it all went to the right. The Love Tunnel dumps right into it's remains. Waterville and Loons parks are quickly coming into full effect with pipes jumps and jibs galore. Word is the Loon park should be open top to bottom next Wednesday-ish.There's a lot happening this time of year so stay posted.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Loon was fun yesterday. Mulch , Tommy J, Mark, Noel and a few more of us rolled up and took advantage of the "warmer day" of the week. Temps are going to drop big time so layer up or grab a puffy if you're going out Thursday and Friday. Also if you're going up to Loon I highly suggest a nice round about trip through Portsmouth while half asleep at the wheel. I seem to get a rise out of turning most road trips into a much longer drive than needed. Why make it to Loon in two hours when you can do it in three. A little sunrise...and off to the mountains! See you there next time..expect me to be just a little late.

Monday, January 12, 2009


If you have the day off or just want to "call in sick" and go, we're heading up to Loon Tuesday..should be good.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Rip around the Wa with Ross Powers...just register early so you get a spot. Slopestyle event and hanging out for the day should be all fun and good. Nashuas Tommy J will be helping out as MC so we'll see you there.

10-11 Registration
11-12 Practice and Warm Up
12-2 Competition
2-4 Awards and After Party with Ross Powers

Actual “Ride with Ross” (take a run with Ross) 2:15

Need to pre-register by emailing me (amanda@wachusett.com) only 25 competitors accepted day of. Free with lift ticket or pass.

Monday, January 5, 2009


BMX ripper Conor Hobbs and Steph representing on a little pink hut somewhere in India ... Seems it'll be a four month planes, trains, automobile, elephant rides, road trip. If they get lost they can follow the dots home.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Wake up, get down to the Wa tomorrow and join in the Main Event. Looks like the booter was being built today so go get your jump on.

Friday, January 2, 2009


We'll post other details as they develope.