Sunday, February 28, 2010


EB's Chris Mulcahy enjoys the champagne of laundry detergents while celebrating his win at the Redbull Snakerun at Waterville Valley. Burping soap bubbles never felt so good.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Skateparks don't come for free. Help do your part to get one made in Plymouth and watch the Forum flick with Pat Moore himself.


Ladies get out there and show your stuff.


Saturday at Waterville was a great day. If you made it there for the Redbull snake run you got to experience something that few events can muster up these days, and that was just plain old fun snowboarding without vibes and people crying about something. A little sunshine and a fun course doesn't hurt either. Nice job Luke and the crew at WV, Mark from Oakley, Mary at Redbull and the others involved. Hope we do it all again sometime. MVP and washed up hero Chris better known as "Mulch" had one trick left in the bag at awards and that was to swig a big mouthful of Tide detergent in front of horrified mothers and little kids at the podium and drool it out all over himself like Gene Simmons on soap.

Other pics and blurbs about this past mancation week will be posted asap so stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Need bike work? or junk food?

Adam Sanderson aka "Sandman" has been helping us out down here in leominster, a wizard on and off the bike and always looking for something to eat. If you need bike help or just want to throw him some food shoot on over.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring is just around the corner and that means new clothing, shoes, decks and all types of goodies.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Today we received some new shoes from Emercia including the new G-Codes. We also got some new color ways in the Hsu, Reynolds cruisers and jinx. All you Altamont heads should be stoked, new pants and shirts including some chinos jeans and light wear for the spring.

run them tight.

Nate Holland thinks your pants are too tight
By Trey Kerby

Nate Holland is a man of conviction and dedication to his cause. He is seeking to rid the world of what he considers the most heinous offense in the history of snowboarding. We're talking, of course, about tight pants.
Holland is a member of the United States snowboard cross team, and will therefore be wearing the now legendary "flannel and jeans" uniform. But when he looks around, he sees a problem. "I think the problem we have now is the emo look," he told the New York Times, "and people trying to use that as an excuse for wearing tight clothing." Sure, bro.
The problem, according to Holland, isn't that the trend toward tighter clothing could lend a competitive advantage, it's that trim pants betray the anti-establishment culture that birthed snowboard cross. Holland is concerned for "the integrity of the sport," saying, "I'm a snowboarder through and through, and boardercross is a freestyle snowboarder's race. I think it should stay that way." Right, because it wouldn't be snowboarding if people wore tight pants.
Slimmer pants just make more sense. Sure, there's less drag, but there's also less of a chance of getting caught on another person. And you don't have to worry about all that cumbersome extra fabric getting in the way.
Look, bro: Team USA Snowboarding sponsors include Nike, Microsoft, and Visa. That's about as "establishment" as you can get. So relax about "the integrity of the sport."
Not to mention you'll be competing in a branded pair of fake distressed jeans.
Chill out, Nate Holland.

thanks yahoo, we took this from you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Nick Julius must have a solid contest run down from the way he's been landing decent placings in the last few big events. Podium spot..2nd place this past week in Aspen. Nice going Nick.


I'm about to have a yard sale of my own on EBay if this is the new trend. Watch the price crank up on this thing during the last few minutes.

"This is the Real deal and untouched, it still has the wax on the bottom!!.plus an original safety strap. This Burton board BB1 is from Londonderry Vermont and was made by Jake Burton circa 1978 or '79. My family is from Londonderry we owned the store accross the road,and i watched Jake make boards in his garage shop on main st."


Looks like Terry Kidwell is selling off an old board of his. Evidently he wasn't being paid as much as pros today if he has to sell off one of his own babies. You think Peter Line or Shaun White might be auctioning off their whips in a few years?


Women that get into park riding might want to check out this event. That's "park manager" Brian Norton without his beard in the flyer too.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Luke, Hardy, Derek and Mac took advantage of the sun and a broom today outside the shop for a while.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last I checked Millar was a super trooper but looks like he might have a band on the side as well anyone have more info?


Kevin Pearce has been upgraded from critical to serious condition, according to his doctors at the University of Utah Hospital. Adam Moran sent us a bunch of stickers and t-s to hand out to Kevins supporters. Just come into the Leominster shop, mention you saw this on the blog and take one home for yourself. Best wishes to KP and his family from EB....and thanks Adam.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I shot Adam a quick email interview recently to catch up with him and what's been going on now that he's been Burtons Global TM. Here's what he had to say.

1) First off hopefully you have been well, and your Global TM gig
with Burton is also what you hoped. That being said, the position
you're holding is a big one. How was your transition to the Global TM
different from your previous travels with the Burton team?

Well in the past I used to work directly as Shaun Whites Team Mgr for when
he was snowboarding and then I would spend the rest of my time traveling
around to shoots with the rest of the team. Id fill in where we needed
Team Mgrs on trips and help out organizing a lot of the shoots we did.
These days I need to balance a lot more of the business side of things, with
the travel, and working with the entire team, and all of our filmers and
photographers, plus still shooting photos as much as I can. Its a lot more
to take on, but I have the best crew of people ever to work with. I only
have my job cause of all the people around me.

2) My guess is you're living out of a bag a lot. Have you been able
to travel anywhere memorable, where you guys have just said "lets put
the cameras down and just enjoy snowboarding." Hopefully it's not
all work?

Fuck, you gotta do that. Its a job, but the only reason I pursued this all
this far is cause I really like what I do. I mean, ive seen people that
get over it for this reason or that, but its all cause they just look at it
as a job and forgot how much fun it is to just go riding. I like going on
the shittiest days now. When I know I wont stress "not getting a shot", or
that I should be trying to get one. My best experience ever for putting
the gear down though would be my first trip to AK with Jussi, DCP, and
Dirksen for Mack Dawg. It was all of our first trips up there and we knew
we would mistakes, so we booked a lot of heli time. At close to the end
of the trip we realized there was no way to use it all. So each day as the
clouds set in and the film shots were done we just went freeriding. It was
either that or piss away a ton of money. I wont say how many runs I got in
with no pack on, but I definitely owe Jake some beers for that one.

3) Spending so much time with the team, I would assume that there is
some sort of family feeling going on. Do you find the balance of
"friend" and "TM" a conflict at all?

That's always a hard part of being a team mgr. you live half your life with
the riders, they become some of your closest friends, and then at times you
are the one that has to tell them what to do, or deliver bad news. Its
definitely a balance for sure, but I think we do it okay.

4) Between you and I ( really ..who's going to read this? ) Who are
the prima donnas on the team? Who gets crabby without their eight
hours of sleep?

Ha ha. I think this one all depends on who has been on the road the
longest. If you havent gone home in over a month, and things havent been
going great, it could be me. But we all go through our times on the road.
Thank god for headphones. People can all sit in a room and not talk and
just zone out. Its the only way when you never have any private space or
time to yourself.

5) You knew this topic was coming... the dreaded injuries that have
forced the snowboard world to stop and think. Kevin is on all of our
minds, and now Danny. Whether riding related or not, both were
serious and scary for everyone (friends, family, and fans) watching.
With the Olympics looming, and everyone shaken a bit, how do you now
work as a team to stay positive and focused?

The last month has been interesting for sure. It definitely humbled
everyone a bit and put a lot of things into perspective. What we have tried
to do is just keep everyone positive and supportive for those two guys.
Obviously injuries are part of any pro sport, but I think in snowboarding or
skating we are way more of a community than a sport, so everyone cares, a

6) Progression of tricks is something that the extreme sports
industry thrives on. Working so closely with such talented and high
profile riders, you must be seeing and hearing about trick ideas that
leave even the top riders wondering if the possibilities are
"endless." The news reporters jumped all over KP's fall. Before the accident
we saw bag jump training and what looked like heavy precautionary measures taken to learn more dangerous tricks. Once that can was opened and the double corks were
unleashed, did you see riders stoked on the possibilities of future
tricks, or riders more concerned that the envelope was possibly
becoming overstuffed, and things might be a bit beyond expectations?

Well with the whole double cork thing going I think everyone went about it
the right way. The guys that started doing them first were safe and smart
and used foam pits and air bags to get them down. Then the guys that
learned them after that were able to see the first guys doing them and
finally be able to visualize the tricks so they could try it. Its been a
crazy fast progression in the last year, but it was done the right way and
has been as safe as it can be. I think with the pipe guys all doing them
it put pressure on kids to have to learn them if they really wanted a chance
to do well this year. And that happened about 4 years ago too with everyone
learning 1080s. What still surprises me the most is that kids now want to
learn doubles before they can even do a proper Mctwist. Fuck, what
happened? But im not sure where it can go from here. That's up to the
riders I guess. I mean doubles can actually look good, triples though?
Come on. Skating doesn't need triple kickflips, we don't need triple
corks. It still has to be a trick, not a stunt. That's how I see it.

7) Shaun is an obvious contender to grab gold for the USA. He is
human though. Right? Have you seen a different side of him or other
team riders when it comes to Olympic training and drive towards their

Shaun is semi human I would say. Man, that kid never seems to stop. But
yeah I think the Olympics definitely got into peoples heads a bit this year.
It changed everyones schedules for whole last year and gave them one single
goal to focus on. Its was funny for a while where we talked to certain
riders about their season and as if it only went to Feb 18th. Didn't want
to jinx anything or make too many plans for after depending on how things go
this week.

8) Did you ever think growing up riding with your brother Jeff and
all of the New Hampshire dirts would lead to anything like this for
you? I'm sure it's a lot of work, so congrats on turning your efforts
into such a unique career.... so my question to you " because of
snowboarding? "

Shit I never would have thought it could have all worked out like it did. I
remember the first times I was able to borrow my mothers car to head to
Nashoba on a school night and being so stoked. It was like freedom to ride
on a school night. Poaching lift tickets in the parking lot and stressing
every time I got on the lift. Those days were the best. And then having my
mother cook food for Gormley so he would let us crash at his place. We ate
pasta salad for like a whole winter in trade for couch space and tickets at
waterville. Now ive been able to work in this for a while and see some of
the most amazing things go down and I still get so psyched. I still go to
places/events even when I don't have to, cause im still a huge fan of it
all. If that ever goes away, then it will be time to move on, but I cant
see that happening anytime soon.

9) There's a whole new group of groms just aching to burst into the
highlight pages of the great interweb out there. They would be
enormous boots to fill, but who looks like they could be the next
Flying Tomato to you?

You tell me? Send em my way. Its shops like Eastern Boarder that always
find em first.

10) Please fill stock shouts outs and disclaimers here:

Ill just keep it simple here. But here is who I need to thank the most for
how I ended up here and who I am. My parents, brother Jeff, everyone at
Eastern Boarder, Burton, all the magazines that gave me a shot and ran my
photos, all my friends from over the years that still return my calls even
not knowing when ill return from a trip. Everyone who has given me a beer,
place to crash, or dealt with me not knowing their language or customs.
That should do it I think...

On a light note; EB has it's 10th Annual Last Call coming up in
March and we would love to have some of the old dogs back in town to
help us celebrate. I'd like to put you on the spot and ask you to put
us on your calendar. Bring Shaun and the team. There's some hidden
talent in New England looking to dethrone some of those old guys.
That and it would be great to have a beer or five with you again.

Whats the date? Ill do my absolute best to be there. ( March 24th )

Thanks for your time Adam. Have a great season and best wishes to the
team and their speedy recoveries. Bub

The handplant photo was taken in Austria last spring by Marko Grilc. One
of your questions was if I ever put down the bag. Some times we'll fuck
around and have the riders shoot and we ride. Its pretty funny to say the
least. Especially in that melted out 93 style pipe. It was perfect for
me. Ha.






These are beautiful old boards that are worth the money if you happen to be sitting on a big pile of it. I used to ride the second one in from the left but my pockets just not deep enough to buy one again.

Here's another nice grab 1600FEPRO Sims board.

Tokyo Joe

Well he may not be able to keep a job but he never seems to lose lookbacks. Tokyo Joe shredding in TX check out Credence Bikes
for lots more cool pics from Clint and the boys in Austin TX.