Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SKATE has been coming in on the regular. ALMOST, ENJOI, PLANB, HABITAT, ALIEN, CHOCOLATE, GIRL, SPEED DEMON, ZERO, MYSTERY and SHAPE...HERE NOW. More on the way from Anti Hero, Real, Krooked and Baker decks, Spirfire and Baker wheels, Thunder trucks later this week.

Plus these kicks are here in limited numbers so if you're into it stop in before their gone.

Thanks for the pics Worc.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Looks like the BMX wonder boys are at it again. Zane and Ian Bradley ran in and out of the shop today gearing up for their next adventures. Ian is off to film with Disney and Zanes got a New Pollution spot lined up for filming. They just got back from the Toronto Bike Jam where Zane placed 2nd AM and Ian 4th in 14 under. Check out the bmxonline for pics and video.


Waterville Valley, NH , March 30, 2009... Last Tuesday Waterville Valley and team rider Pat Moore hosted the first annual Back To The Boneyard. The purpose was to raise some dollars towards scholarships for the Waterville Valley Academy Snowboard program and have a reunion for all who once called Waterville home. A mix of infamous NHD's and Waterville up and coming riders made up over twenty teams of three, plus 100 spectators also attended to catch the action. There were three sections: a rail section comprised of the original double barrel that once was the only rail in the Boneyard and the bus top, a hip and a 30 foot jump. Each team had to choose which member would shred each section. At each section was a list of tricks, each with a monetary value attached, land a backside rodeo on the jump and that team member raised $13 for their team and the scholarship fund.

The day started off on the rail section and bus top where the standouts were young Jack Herald, Shaun Murphy and Forest Bailey. High Cascade's Preston Strout riding a vintage Daniel Frank board showed he still has some skills throwing down a backside air on the bus top as well as boardslide to stalefish out on the double barrel.

Next was the hip, where Red Bull rider Nils Mindnich was going massive with 1-footers and five grab combos. Fresh off an amazing US Open Slopestyle victory NH Buzzard Chas Guldemond was throwing big old methods and backside 7's. WV Academy students Colin Hart and Kai Wiggins were raising money with backside 5 grab combos and some stylish tuck knee indy's.

In the jump section Waterville Academy Alumni Wes Walsh threw a quad grab combo to get things started. Nick Julius from the WV Academy raised some money by sticking both a backside and a frontside rodeo. Other notable riders on the jump were Cole St. Martin, Brendan Hart and Eastern Boarder's Ted Lavoie.

The awards ceremony was a packed house featuring some old video and a slide show of the Boneyard. Pat presented a 2009/2010 pro model board from Forum to Matt Gormley Waterville Valley's Terrain Park manager during the Boneyard era.

Overall the day was downright special and amazing. People came together to relive past memories, see friends and raise money for a great cause. A huge thanks goes out to everyone that showed up and all of the sponsors: Forum, Foursquare, Volcom, Eastern Boarder, Red Bull, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Waterville Valley and Skydive New England. Below are the official results and we'll see you next year.

Check the video and picture gallery.

Team Results

1st: Chocolate Milk
John Ingham
Jack Herald
Nick Julius
Winning 1 Free Year of Red Bull and Gear certificates from Forum and Foursquare

2nd: LA Crew
Avert Guldemond
Chas Guldemond
Tyler Davis
Winning Volcom packs full of gear

3rd: Meatloaf
Christian St. Cyr
Rob Hallowell
Colin Hart
Winning Forum gear

4th: Red Bull
Forest Bailey
Hans Mindnich
Nils Mindich
Winning Eastern Boarder gift cards

5th: The A-Team
Andrew Aaronson
Lil James Frawley
Jay Lamphier
Winning Forum gear

Craziest Team: winning 4 tandem Skydives from Skydive New England
Brian Barb
Andy Benhart
Preston Strout

Individual Awards
Raising the most money on each section winning a signature Boneyard Trophy

Jump: Wes Walsh
Jib: Jack Harold
Hip: Nils Mindnich


You can also go to the YOBEAT.COM site and vote on your favorite event of the year...hint hint...Thanks for coming everyone. See you at the 10th Annual next year!

Last Call 2009 from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Looks like Big Mikes skating is going to his head.


Session 2 is almost sold out already. Look into the best summer snowboard only camp going.....quick before you miss your shot at one of the best times you'll ever have with binders on....and without.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Overview from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo.



Early Price Deadline Coming Up March 31

The Waterville Valley Skate Camp (WVSC) is getting ready to kick off its 7th year as the premiere overnight skate board camp in the East. Seven 5-night sessions are lined up for beginners to advanced skaters from June 28 - August 14. Camps run Sunday night though Friday afternoon and each are sponsored by a different skate company including Oakley, Eastern Boarder, Volcom, Substance, Red Bull, Circa footwear, 5Boro, Emerica and es. Six 2-day sessions also start up the weekend of July 3. There's even a day camp option.

The WV Skate Park changes up each season but the standards always include a horseshoe bowl, mini ramp, quarter pipes, pyramids, ground boxes and rails. There's also a mountain park located at the ski area with an indoor mini ramp and street section under an awning for rainy days. To mix it up, weekly skate park tours take campers to Nashua's concrete park, Concord's skate park and Eastern Boarder skate shop. For alternative activities, campers also get to mountain bike, hike, swim in mountain streams, boat, fish, play golf and tennis, all offered within the resort of Waterville Valley.

Overnight WVSC Camps

WVSC includes round-the-clock supervision for boys and girls 12 - 18 (8 and older for day campers), coaching from professional skateboard staff, meals, lodging, evaluation of progression, trips to other skate parks and Eastern Boarder Skate Shop and a WVSC T-shirt. In addition to certified CPR and First Aid staff, the camp operates on a one-to-six coach-to-camper ratio ensuring personalized instruction and supervision from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (night room supervisors are also assigned). Overnight campers stay in Waterville Valley's Town Square Condominiums, located across from WV Skate Park. Transportation to the camp from Manchester airport or Concord Trailways Bus can be arranged at an additional cost.

Before March 31, overnight sessions are $625/$675 after the early deadline. Weekend sessions are $275/$300 after the early deadline. For more information on the Waterville Valley Skate Camp or WV Skate Park, log onto www.wvskate.com or contact Luke Mathison at 603-236-8311 x 3440 or by e-mail at lmathison.wv@boothcreek.com.

You can sign up for Skate Camp online right now!

Luke Mathison
Waterville Valley Skate Camp
Waterville Valley Resort . 1 Ski Area Road . PO Box 540 . Waterville Valley, NH 03215

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Prize breakdown for Last Call 2009

Mens overall impression for all three sections:
1st place.....Shaun Murphy......$1200...2010 K2 WWW...Skullcandy Hesh headphones.... Ogio backpack with prizes
2nd .....Yale Cousino.........$700...K2 WWW Rocker...Skullcandy Hesh headphones.... Ogio backpack with prizes
3rd....Ted Lavoie............$300....K2 AUTO EVER bindings...Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes

Womens overall impression for all three sections:
1st place ..Taylor Owen...$1200...K2 Fling ....Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
2nd ...Mary Rand...........$700..K2 WWW LTD ...Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
3rd...Colleen Quigley.............$300...K2 VAVA Voom..Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes

Colleen gave her board up to Laura Rogoski who had also been killing it all day.
* Backpacks had prizes from EB, K2, Ogio, Level, Skullcandy.

PAYOUT bonuses for head to head combat
A single rider was paid for each section for overall impression.

Ledge to Ditch...............$200..........Shaun Murphy
"The Aggro Crag" .....$200..........Yale Cousino
Rails and jibs..........$200....Shaun Murphy

Oakley also awarded their favorite rider of the day with an Oakley watch valued at $1200...........................Shaun Murphy

Worst slam / Scariest moment award..........Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes......................Chelone Miller



Monday, March 23, 2009


World Quarters has another one in the books. Today was just what you might expect from this legendary East coast event. Lots...and lots of consumed cold ones and random bottles of who knows what with an apple on the sticker, redbulls, fireworks, fire pits, slednecks, gauntlets, mayhem, hilarity, and more all in the name of snowboarding. This is also as NH as Vt can get. No, it's not the Arctic Challenge 1/4 pipe in fact it's not even the point...it's friends and fun on the snow. Here's Rome rider Greg Bokenkamp getting a little spray from inhouse Rome regular Mike Paddock and the stock double backs over a marshmallow pit. More pics coming soon...right now it's packing up for Waterville and the Boneyard and Loon for Last Call Wednesday. This seems to be the Triple Crown of Spring riding here in New England. If you missed out on today you're blowing it...get packed up and up to NH for Tues and Wed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's a few days away and the weather is ..well weather, but right now Last Call is looking like a hell of a day for a BBQ and a Spring event.

Wednesday, Mar 25
High: 47 °F RealFeel®: 45 °F
Mostly sunny and milder

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Party Marty Martin over the rail..Read over and out of the parking garage.

Mikey T photos


Read wall ride Fitchburg / pic by Lazer
Seth Beaton tuck no hander over Sulleys gap Gardner / pic by Lazer Lazers site


Prize breakdown for Last Call 2009
Mens overall impression for all three sections:
1st place.....$1200...2010 K2 WWW...Skullcandy Hesh headphones.... Ogio backpack with prizes
2nd ..............$700...K2 WWW Rocker...Skullcandy Hesh headphones.... Ogio backpack with prizes
3rd................$300....K2 AUTO EVER bindings...Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
Womens overall impression for all three sections:
1st place .....$1200...K2 Fling ....Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
2nd ..............$700..K2 WWW LTD ...Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
3rd................$300...K2 VAVA Voom..Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack with prizes
* Backpacks have prizes from EB, K2, Ogio, Level, Skullcandy and Spacecraft.
PAYOUT bonuses for head to head combat...every man, woman or grom for themselves.
A single rider will be paid for each section for overall impression.
Bridge of "possibilities" .....$200
The Ditch................$200
Section 3 TBA..........$200
Oakley will also award their favorite rider of the day / best trick with an Oakley watch valued at $1200
Worst slam..........Skullcandy Hesh headphones... Ogio backpack..and stuff

Here's a look at two of the three Last Call features Loon and EB are looking to have for everyone this time around. We are at the mercy of weather and time for the features but this is looking good so far. Norton and the crew are hoping to start a day early due to the amount of shovel work that these may take. Make sure to give those guys props for whatever they make...they put in long hours for all of us every year. The riders listed here need to be at registration EARLY that Wednesday morning or can lose their spot. We'll need to start on time ..thanks. Bub

1) Riley Nickerson..Darkside / Burton
2) Travis Neuenhaus
3) Dylan Peters..Ride
4) Ian Key....Ride / Theory
5) Billy Hogan....Ride..Rob says you better show up this year
6) Robbie Connors....EB / Nitro
7) Adam Stander...Nashoba blue coat
8) Kevin Court...Nashoba blue coat
9) Zach Normandin....EB / Nashoba blue coat
10) Tom Peplinski....Capita / Vans / Lahouts / Loon Mountain man
11) Wes Walsh... EB / Oakley / killing it
12) Pat Moore ..never heard of him
13) Marcus Rand
14) Switch Rich Adamowicz
15) Shaun Murphy... Forum / Special Blend / Wht Flg
16) Ian Hart.....EB / Oakley / Wht Flg
17) Sean Ryan....Wht Flg
18) Tanner Mccarty..EB Team /potential money maker
19) Danny Garrity....EB Team / loves death metal
20) Ted Lavoie...EB Team / K2 / Advil
21) Chris Carr...EB Team / Salomon / Jack Daniels
22) Dre...don't forget about Dre
23) Randal Zimboni.....Nitro / L1
24) Andrew Johnson
25) Kevin Bicknell.....EB Team / Endeavor / Von Zipper
26) Henry Padden...Signal
27) Brandon Griffin...EB / Tech Nine / Oakley / Celcius
28) Mike Ravelson...Signal
29) Nick Espozito
30) Greg Maxwell
31) Nick Julius...EB / Flow flow
32) Matt Fiorentino
33) Skye Gale
34) Jeff DeForge
35) Brandon Honeycutt....Burton
36) Will Mayo....Burton / Snowgrind
37) TJ James....Burton / RED
38) Skyler Thomas...Burton
39) Adolfo Massari....G Spot
40) Yale Cousino.... EB Team / Burton
41) Luke Mathison...EB Team / Waterville Valley
42) Lawrence Prince...G Spot
43) Jay Giannunzio
44) Brendon Rego..Oakley / Nitro / Tech Nine / North Wave
45) Steve Lauder...North Wave
46) Will Bateman...Academy / Vans
47) Forest Bailey...Gnu / Redbull
48) Jeremy Reid....Ride / Modern Hippy Clothing
49) Danny Tedesco...Step Child / Vans / Union / Electric
50) Cole St. Martin...Putnams
51) Greg Bokencamp...Rome / Smith / Val Surf
52) Tim Benasich...Vt Renagade
53) Steve Lauder
54) Luke Mohr
55) Cody Delano...EB / Soul Shredder
56) Ben Ross...EB / Stepchild / Dragon / Elm
57) Sam Lukens... Darkside / Stepchild / Vans
58) Ben Sullo
59) Jeremy Cloutier
60) Matts Kulisek
61) Chris Beresford...K2

W1) Joanne....Danny's friend
W2) Taylor Owen...ladies ruler and probably her 5th last call? Nitro / Out Spoken
W3) Christine Shurilla.....G Spot
W4) Lexie Bennicas....G Spot
W5) Jordan Parks.....Vans
W6) Kellie Redes
W7) Tonya Schmidt
W8) Laura Rogowski
W9) Christine Carelli...MySpace / Facebook
W10) Colleen Quigley.. EB Team / Red Headed Step Child / Sparky's Booze Emporium
W11) Jaime MacLeod...DFL EB TEAM
W12) Mary Rand.....Endeavor / 32 / Von Zipper / Civil
W13) Eileen Koontz
W14) Tonya Cross

Friday, March 13, 2009



Tommy+Pat from Kris Cormier on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The shoe wall is filling up again this time of year if your toes are looking for a little shelter. New Krew K Slims t-s and more too.


Read about the teams road trip off of this link. It's a cool idea and a nice way to keep the team on the ground level in a way... after all it is snowboarding not a rock show everytime you strap in. Who knows where they'll end up when they get into the US ..keep your eyes open.



K2 has kicked down some killer prizes to top off some of the other stuff you can win at Last Call this year. Check it..K2 Weapon rocker, WWW LTD, WWW, Auto Ever and Cinch CTS foot clamps, and for the ladies a VAVA VOOM and Fling...plus hats , t-s....and more.....YEAH K2! If you're not on some heli trip you really need to be at Loon on the 25th.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


New Emerica, E'S, Nike. We had Vans some DC, Analog, RVCA, EB and other things roll in recently too. We're unpacking some new Krew and Sole Tech clothing tomorrow ...more to follow. It's that time of year. I had to toss in some effects to make it all seem even more amazing!...weeeeeeeeee!


Ryan Martin shot by Mikey Tessier. Mikey has a new site up for some of the pics he's been doing while going to Hallmark

Mikes site


Monday, March 9, 2009


Spada and Read scored this OG Matt Cummins whip the other night. Not a bad trade for some used bike parts we had kicking around the shop. I'm cleaning her up and riding it on the 24th Back in the Boneyard...ohh yeah..I just need to get 1/4 20 hardware now..hummm.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The day before LAST CALL head on over to WV and go back in time to the original park layout that helped shape what parks have become. Find a place to stay that night because there's going to be a ton of people in town gearing up for the next day at Loon. (Click the image to make the poster larger)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Snow air and steel combat returns to Loon Mountain March 25th with EASTERN BOARDER'S 9th ANNUAL LAST CALL. Down and dirty NH style riding where men are men and women are few and far between. Each year our three ring circus of creative features offers a challenge to riders to push their limits of tech and gnar. This event has seen the very best riders from all over New England and beyond over the years. No breaks for commercials, no interviews, no babies. Taunting, one upping, and claiming is encouraged. Pre game and after party.
Up for grabs: 15 minutes of fame, $5,000 in cash, a $1,200 Oakley watch, backpacks stuffed with prizes and more. Thank you to Loon and our sponsors K2, Oakley, Scion, Redbull, Skullcandy, Ogio, Level, and Spacecraft.

Last Call is an open event for highly advanced/pro women and men. Space is limited to 80 riders. Be on time for registration or be a spectator. Get a room in town, and use the shuttles to the after party that evening to avoid the free blue light transportation.


Be at Nashoba Valley tonight with EB and Redbull for a booter event. Mike built up a good sized double lipper on Wardance in front of the lodge for an evening of carnage and flippers. I heard it was a 35' and a 55'?! which will have to be mellowed to maybe a 45' due to soft, possibly even wet snow conditions tonight with the warm weather. We have some prizes from VOLCOM and VANS plus you're going to be able to win some cash collected at sign ups ..bring your A game, some paste wax for a little more speed, a few friends, and come on out before 5:30 ish so we can start by 7pm.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


...will be the host spot again for the World 1/4's Monday March 23rd. Win a grand in cold hard cash..no really...hard cash..as in you'll be paid in quarters. Details to come.