Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sorry fuzzy guys it's only for your boards. Sat from 12-3 pm Eric the "ASS man" Kovall will be here to give your whip a FREE Waxing during the tent sale. The 2008 line up of HAUL ASS wax comes in amazing new colors and scents. Be shred ready for the first day of the season. If you ever had a question about wax and why you need it, this is the mad man behind it all. Eric has been a New England ripper and snow personality since he was just a mini shred. He's been featured as a Transworld board tester a few times and knows his stuff when it comes to sliding down hill. ASS WAX is formulated for all snow types and temps. Peep it..have him slap that ASS on your board and feel the difference getting to that next box and rail!

* The shop will also be gearing up for early season full tune ups asap after the tent sale. Please hold off on leaving your boards here until we clear the tent sale out. By Wed we should be ready to go and have storage space again. Thanks


Driving home last night at about 12:30 half asleep and a 1/4 mile from home, I decided to run over a nice doe. Score one for the Gallant. I wasn't half asleep after that.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


All of these guys are guilty of petty lurking here at this shop and the Worcester EB almost daily. Sketchy looking crew if I ever saw one.


This morning I went for a carwash. Upon going through the first stage of the cleaning a tree frog showed up on my windshield out of nowhere. You've seen these little things ..all colorful with toes that look like suction cups. Before I knew how to save the little guy the soap got him ..then the brushes. Until today I had never seen a frightened frogs face, but there he was with eyes wide open taking a beating clinging to my windshield like an old sticker half torn, still holding on and flapping in the wind. Needless to say he lost his grip and most likely spun out down the drain and was flushed away. If anyones reading this and missing their pet treefrog he probably won't be home for dinner..but he's incredibly clean.


I know..this is not a shot from the video. But I don't have anything like an official flyer for the premier yet. My job is to get you information and random dodads. Capita Snowboards and EB Nashua will be showing "First Kiss" Sat Sept 8th at 8:00pm. Capita is one of the best kept secrets in the snowboard world. Before this company blows up you should be riding one and seeing why their just that. No bullpoo..just a real down to earth riders company making really great snowboards. No hype.....


Rome decks, boots and bindings are in.


Cool evenings mean more warm threads are rolling into the shop

New LRG Northern lights hoodies and others.

Extra heavy sheep lined Volcom hoodie (not a real sheep) and Fallen"fern leaf" printed hoodie..womens Volcom lime green and white striped hoodie not pictured.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TENT SALE this weekend!!!

DON'T FORGET about all the blowout snow gear for the tent sale this weekend. This giant crate is FULL of boots. Here Daewon shows just how big the box is. He's full size there!!.........(although he's a cardboard cut out.) Hey, it's a big crate ok...

Plenty of boards at 40% off and more on the way for the weekend.


New Tunder Street Lights and EB T-S

New Shape decks $45

Sunday, August 26, 2007


ASS WAX.... smell it, view it, ride it

behind the big screen

The early days mini and mini box and rail set up. Not bad for being 90 out

Ryan Runke finds a perfect bed

Insane light show during the video. A little rain ..not enough to ruin anything

Al ...the man

Old Timber Ridge lodge

ANY MEANS editor John Cavan and LNP

Rome Snowboards "Any Means" world premiere at Timber Ridge Vt was worth the trip. Here are a few pics. There will be a write up and some other pics asap on the EB main page news.

Sunday, August 19, 2007



Mark trying out my eye on a previous looooooooong drive.


I was going through some photos of old trips, and figured with Fall on the way it's time to consider where this winter may take us. There's nothing like packing up and going out somewhere new. If all goes well you get perfect weather, soft snow and memories to last a lifetime.

After his run Fiske says it all right here.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Joe is the man. Who knows what he actually does besides destroying it on his bike. I don't even care..he's Joe and everyone likes the guy. Oddly enough he looks more than normal dressed like Elvis, and Lemmy too.

Here's a sleeve shot


We have more super radical sidewalk campus transport machines(also known as longboards), for you hill bombers and hippies. Picture yourself with your hand made hacky sack and an anti establishment magazine in your pocket making some sweeeeeeet carving turns down a freshly paved hill. Or just get one because their one of those things that are fun to have but not brag about. You know what I'm saying..don't tell us you haven't done a little soul searching on one before.

Now for those looking for another way to make some fun turns, we have decks from crowd favorite zip zingers and even original LAN decks right out of the 70's..yup..these babies are undrilled and 30 something yrs old. At 35 bucks you can get a piece of skate history. Skate it or just hang it up.


Here Tommy shows off the Nike super kit. Same print hat, shell, long sleeve fleece layer, belt, wallet and kicks. Look tight all night.
Looking fresh with Altamont all over print hoodie and t-shirt

Now here he is strutting around in a "full zip" Krew hoodie, matching shorts, and then pulling it all together with the same colored SB's ...damnnnn...look out ladies.

Stay tuned for snow kits as they arrive this Fall.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Everyone should head up to Burlington VT for this....
Cash Prizes and a Fun Vibe I am sure...


Check it and have more money for lift tickets later.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


With 208' of railing you can do a few dozen combos on the way down. Or you can up your chances on sacking yourself.


Summer lovers enjoy the last couple weeks of it. Feel the nights chill creeping back as you sleep. This is the best time of year to do it all. Skate a cooler evening in a hoodie again soon. Bike trails won't be as dusty now, and the snow freaks will get their trucks and shovels to every possible ice rink and poach the local handrails and backyard boxes. Ahhh it's good to be alive.

( Camped up near Waterville this week. Needed to roast a few braincells....
I mean marshmellows )


Is this really happening? Could we be just three months from shred season again? HELL YEAH! And that means our super duper, gianormous, deal-o-rama, you can't miss it, TENT SALE is happening soon!!!! Fri Aug 31st- Mon Sept 3rd (Labor Day weekend) here in the Leomonster shop we will bring 5 stores worth of previous seasons gear and give it all away!..well, not really but it'll be 40-80% off anyway. Come and save some loot on a HUGE selection of new closeout equipment and clothing. Save a few bucks during the sale on any instock 2008 gear too. Don't miss this one.

These pics represent a little bit of what will be in during the sale. Mens and womens, clothing, boots, boards, bindings and more will all be there for the taking..cheap.


OHHHH SHIZZZZZNIT... We have a buttload of dope shoes. Piles of $20 - $40 sale shoes too. Get in early for the best selection. Back to school is a crazy time for new kicks. 1st day of school in smelly, dirty shoes? I think not.


......From Krew, Altamont, Stussy, Matix, LRG, Nike SB, The Hundreds, 10 Deep and more...

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Tron Don

In case you didn't know Conor Hobbs is all buisness


New Altamont gear just came in stop by and check it out

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bike Check

Check out Party Marty's rig!

Frame- Subrosa Pandora 21"
Fork- Odyssey Race Classic
Bars- S&M Slam
Stem- Fit DLD
Headset- Kink Internal
Grips- ODI Longnecks
Lever- Odyssey Monolever Medium
Cable- Odyssey Linear
Brakes- Fly
Cranks- Profile 175mm
Pedals- Fly Ruben
Sprocket- Tree 25t
Chain- Kmc
Seat- Macneil Capital
Post- Macneil Pivitol Stump
Clamp- Demolition
Front Tire- Odyssey Aitken P-lyte 2.25
Front Wheel- G-sport Marmoset Hub laced to a Odyssey 7ka rim with Odyssey Spokes
Rear Tire- Odyssey Path P-lyte 1.85
Rear Wheel- Primo Mix Cassette 9t laced to a Odyssey 7ka rim with Marwi Spokes
Bar Ends- Shadow Conspiracy
Mods- Forks cut, bars trimmed shy of 1/4in on each side, trimmed and filed brake lever, left side rear axle cut, She's Dialed!