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With winter on its way and all the snowboard talk flying around the shop, I took a minute to get some straight answers from the Crowleys about possible plans for the park this season. Eric will be back again this year which is good news. Eric knows how to build jumps and work in a park. He's spent plenty of time grooming and working at Loon too to know what's up. Given the snow, a decent crew, and hopefully a few less restrictions on being creative with the trail things should be fine. We're seeing lots of other mountains and smaller ski areas updating their features this year, and after a couple of emails back and fourth with Jeff Crowley it seems that Wachusett is also on board to finally update the old features we have delt with for the last few years. When questioned, Jeff replied "It just so happens I just asked Mike Halloran to have Eric order thousands of dollars of new hits from Destroy of Maine earlier today."
Hopefully this can help put some rumors about "no park" at Wachusett this winter to rest. This is at least a step in a positive direction. Hang in there Wawa locals. I'll try and catch up with Eric asap and see what he has the funds for. Stay tuned.

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Here's the link. They're starting to get this here thing a rolling for round two.


It's been 10 years now since this original write up of Last Call from Brooke Geery. Sunapee was a total crap shoot for us. However, we pretty much achieved what we were hoping too with Last Calls birth at the time. It was for fun. Those of us that were close friends and many who are now basically extended family to Eastern Boarder, left with big smiles on our faces. With ten years under our belts, the event has grown a bit but still has a nice easy feeling about it. I remembered that I had seen this old write up a while ago while doing a random Last Call search on the great interweb. Hoping to find other old pictures I contacted Brooke recently and we were only able to get two of the three pictures that ran with the write up. If anyone is reading this that has footage or other pictures from Sunapee, I would be stoked to get to check them out. Also from when we were doing it at Ragged.

Here was part of the email with Brooke the other day:
Hey Andy!
I totally forgot about that. Crazy to think it's the same event. And hey, I do believe i called it "The sickest of all the March E.C.Q.P. contests."
I'm not sure why that photo of Scotty isnt working, but i pulled it off the backend and it's attached. The bad news is I feel like photos from that era that didn't make the site are unretrievable. They are probably on zip disks on my parents house somewhere, but yeah. I also sort of don't think i took very many photos as i was being totally bitter about the lack of beer (as you can probably see from the story)

So here's what she could retrieve along with the original story. In the past few years we have still had Brooke around for the ride and the write ups are a lot better thankfully. ( Brooke ... Make sure you catch me for our 11th season. I'll be sure to get you those beers it takes for better reviews haha )

Brian Barb hitting the over vert box in the pipe.
John Comeau on the 1/4 pipe.

Sunapee's Last Call
by Brooke Geery
On Sunday, March 25th, Sunapee NH held what was hailed as a "drunken debauchery" called Last Call. The recipe was as follows: throw together a few jumps; prop a box up with 2x4's next to the halfpipe; and build a wall looking thing at the bottom of the halfpipe and call it a quaterpipe. Then tell the kids that live at the Blue Lodge that there will be free beer, offer $500 for first place and you have it, an end-of-the-year east coast contest.
But wait, this isn't Waterville Valley, and there is an open-container law because Sunapee lies on a State Park. So, get rid of the beer, except for Matt Gormley and Tim Karpinski sneaking them in the woods. Then get rid of anyone's desire to hit a jump, or a quarterpipe for that matter, and it becomes a session on the box.
And that's what it was, at least for the little while I was there for. They did eventually coerce some people to hit a super rock star kicker, and I think Nick Francke won that. Brian Barb ripped off skateboarding the most successfully, winning the box competition. I'm not really sure who won the quarterpipe portion, but it may or may not have been John Chomo. Finally, in the slowest halfpipe in history contest, the winner was Michael Birch.
So that's it. The best part of the contest was my joke which involved someone asking me what the hell I was doing there, and me replying, "I heard this was going to be sick, so I flew back for it." This was especially funny because the real quarterpipe contest and the US Open were the week before.

If you haven't looked at YOBEAT before you're missing out on some pretty funny shred reporting.

NOTE: According to Mr. Brian Norton, Last Call will be bumped up a week this year since the Open is moving up a week. Stay tuned for the actual date.


Mike Tessier sent us these clips from NY and Ma

The Weekends 10.10.10 from Michael Tessier on Vimeo.

MA for a weekend of skating and fun.

Pro•gress from Gregory Rollins on Vimeo.

Jon Legere, Michael Tessier, Adam Putnam

JLog Clip #102410 from Jonathan Shepardson-Legere on Vimeo.

shot by:
Michael Tessier
Adam Putnam
Jonathan Legere


Derek sent a submission to the Thrasher 50 50 contest. Here are the other entries he's up against.

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Looking for leftover gear at blowout pricing? This year with the demise of the Ski Market, Eastern Boarder will be one of the host shops at the new Expo venue. The Seaport World Trade Center in Boston will open a whole new event. Eastern Boarder will be bringing back the Fall Brawl during the event along with supporting a couple video premieres in the evening too. Pirate Movie Productions "Hooked" along with Transworlds "In Color" will be playing at Revolution right up the street ( A on the map ) Keep an eye on this new temporary Expo blog for updates and see what to expect.


Zane just sent me a bunch of pictures of what he's been doing this summer. Multiple shows at the Big E kept him busy for a while and knowing the Bradleys, the road trips are about to kick into high gear too with the Wicked Jam on the first weekend in Dec at Rye and every other event Zane and Ian ride in throughout the US and Canada. Good luck at Rye guys. EB

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On November 6, 2010, Nashoba will truck in snow to surround the rails and drops for their first pre-season Massacre Rail Jam!
$20 Registration begins at 5pm, Competition begins at 7pm. 1 Hour Rail Jam followed by Massacre Elimination, Awards Ceremony with Free Appetizer Buffet and Prizes.

Looks like Nashoba is really stepping their game up this year with a bunch of new rails, boxes, and other jibs. Check out their park page for a peek.


From the award winning snowboard video producers at Teton Gravity Research (TGR), in partnership with Jeremy Jones, comes the most progressive big mountain snowboarding film to date, “DEEPER.” Follow Jeremy and other top freeriders as they travel to the world’s snowboarding meccas and venture past the boundaries of helicopters, snowmobiles, and lifts to explore an untouched realm. Hang on tight as Jeremy Jones faces the biggest challenges he has ever encountered in snowboarding. All night hikes, sleeping on peaks, camping 65 miles from civilization, 20 below temperatures, 10 day storms, and 20 mile days bring the adventure back into riding. The Deeper snowboard Blu Ray video puts the viewer in the athletes’ boots; from the trials to the tribulations, to mind-boggling breakthroughs in the sport of snowboarding.

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Tim holding it down like always!

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Wachusett Mountain Ski Area Video Snow Conditions Reporter

Do You Ski or Snowboard? Are you creative, outgoing and like being on video? Would you like first tracks every morning this winter at Wachusett Mountain?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then we would like to tell you about a great winter job that is really too good to be true! And you don’t have to quit your day job to do this one! Wachusett Mountain is looking for qualified candidates to produce the resort’s Daily Video Snow Reports. The daily 1-2 minute videos provide our website visitors with a first-hand look at that day’s snow conditions. Reports are also shared on social network sites. We are looking for 2 or 3 candidates to share in this important responsibility to do these reports 7 days a week from opening day (around November 26) through closing day (around April 3). Candidates must be an early riser; willing to work in all types of weather; be proficient in videography and use of editing software; and passionate about skiing and snowboarding. Daily shift is over by 10 a.m. so you have plenty of time to get to your classes or other job. If you are interested, please send a video audition tape, resume and cover letter to tom@wachusett.com.

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We got our hands on some really good deals if you're looking for higher end bigger boards. 2009/10 Burton Gurus 156,159,162 were $430 now $225. Burton Custom 166 ICS was $550 now $299. Supermodel X 164 was $700 now $349. If you're looking for "THE BOARD" we have this never used, ultra light, Burton Method which sold for $1,500 last winter now selling at $799. Some of these boards just have scuff marks on them from being in boxes but otherwise in perfect condition. Other great boards left over from last winter pictured in the box are 40% off too.

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With all the new snowboards and different types of shapes out there to pick from one thing you can rely on are these four boards. If your style of riding is a bit more freeride than freestyle, than consider the traditional cambered boards shown here. Reliable at much higher speeds and able to hold a real solid edge on most every type of snow condition. Don't be afraid to take them for a lap through the jump lines too. They do it all.

An advanced all-mountain bomber that’s built wide to support larger feet, yet designed to provide the quickness of a narrower board; lap the park, slash the steeps, cruise the trees, punch through big pow turns - versatility.

A big-mountain gun for riders who want superior on-edge performance; lock-n-hold deeply carved lines, find powerful control in the steeps and amazing stability at speed. New Bamboo Power Rails deliver improved return.

This legendary design has been part of the line since day one, feeding the ride-it-all addiction with powerful performance on mountain, in the park, and beyond; expect excellent initiation, return, and control - day in and day out.

The Infinite is one of the easiest boards to love, because, well, it’s one of the easiest boards to ride. Incepted to take on all facets of snowboarding, be it park, pipe or metal, the Infinite features Dual Transitional Sidecut, Lite Quadrax and Whiskey Royale technology, all wrapped up into a graphically elite package for your pleasure. One of the most universal boards in the Flow line, the Infinite is waiting for you to take it for a test run.

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Brandon Reis soft sells Boa Technology from Loren Brinton on Vimeo.

EB shred Brandon Reis talking about BOA lace system boots. EB has a load of different BOA boots in stock for men, women and kids. Stop in and see how it feels yourself.

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one for the homies

A day at Bristol, CT with Anthony, Davey, Mike, and Cody... filmed by Maqua. Yeah the lens is disgusting, we know.
music: One For The Homies by: The Goat and The Occasional Others

Shape Junt! SON!


Antwuan Dixon Pt. 1

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ummmm..well sure ..simple things entertain us at times.


Sunday if you're looking for something to do go check this out at Norm Wagner Scion. Grab something to eat and drink and watch some fun racing.


Fitchburg bowl. Luke Macfee. Mike Quiet photography.

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EC2 tech in the NEWEST SUPER LIMITED Lib Banana...plus new snow flicks came in tonight. Dragon goggles, Habitat and Alien decks, bike parts......Shape decks...come check it all out.

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Forest grabs 3rd at the Downtown Throwdown. Read the full story here.


Keep your eyes open for the new Commotion Movie Project flick that Kramer is saying should be out in a monthish. They're doing some final edits to it now so keep your pants on. It'll be good. I got a sneak peek at his new part and he's got some hammers too. The stills are snagged off this coming vid but you can watch his other part here from before. Congrats again to Jeff and Maribeth on getting hitched too!

Jeff Kramer - Bataleon Remix Project 0910 from MR. B bataleon snowboards on Vimeo.