Saturday, May 30, 2009


Friday, May 29, 2009


this stuff and a bit of Foundation, Toy Machine, Spitfire..and...


It was only a matter of time. Get your 8 bucks out..it hits theaters soon. At least there's going to be some good skating in it.


This is a shot I had been meaning to post for a while now. It's from a lift line at Waterville while I was on Mancation this year. I have known Mike since way back at Nashoba Valley when he was a kid and ski racer..and a good one too. He picked up snowboarding one day at Nashoba for kicks and if my memory serves me right, was riding for Flite Snowboards within a week or two and winning races. He's fast..really fast, and always seemed like one of those guys that might not be playing with a full deck ..but in a good way. The shot of him racing here is from Mar 3 2001: ( Mike Kildevaeld #52 of Denmark in action in the Men's Giant Slalom Event during the FIS Snowboard World Cup in Park City, Utah.Mandatory Credit: Al Bello /Allsport Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images Mar 03, 2001 ) The shots I took were of Mike on a board he was testing out that day at Waterville Valley. Mike and Bill Enos did a lot of racing together from what I remember too. Check out the board he built ( I think out of Elan ) It's connected at the tip for a few inches then splits into two separate "skis" and the boot plates are mounted on some crazy aluminum elevator. I should have followed him for a couple of runs but chances are pretty damn good I would have been lapped instead of keeping up with him. Mike was a big part of early day snowboarding in New England for years before moving off to race all over the world. It was cool to see him back where he started up again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Go check it out and meet some of the Volcom heads. Paul Danchak might be there too....have him rub and sign your spare tires.


It's been a couple years since I looked at this site. Seems their finding quite a lot of info out there. Enter their site and click the state you wish to find old ski areas in. Chances are there was once one right near where you grew up and you never even knew it.


If your in the manchester area or wanna hit up some street spots and then some music in the evening check it out...

( Shamless self promotional plug for Reads band..BLACK BEAR! GRRRRRR!!!!! go fan out on him so he forgets how to play. )


More snowboarding videos on SnowboarderMag.com

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight Tonight.

new eb lion gig, alien workshop and habitat decks, also some new shoes from lakai. EAT YOUR HEART OUT. 


We will be closed on Memorial Day ( Monday the 25th )


..because we still have Spada. Best of luck in NYC Britt. Be strange but not a stranger. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


JUST IN.....The BLIND Video... Speed Demon decks and wheels.... Enjoi decks, T-s and wheels......Almost Impact decks and T-s...... Arbor longboards....Kink complete bikes...Currency T-s....


Need a low profile show that won't totally destroy your feet? Check these out ...their in stock at EB now too.


cruised some savage leominster street last night with some dudes found some cool stuff and Conor did some wallrides. Thanks to party marty for the hot pic.

Dirt Jumps and BMX

Cruised over to the Littleton dirt park today they've been doing a little bit of work over there. They've added some smaller rollers and bump jumps as well as a couple rad berms. Stuff looks really fun for most anyone including the little dudes and the rad dads that don't want to hit stuff with gaps. The bigger jumps could use a little work but there are piles of clay and tanks of water to use for building.  All you need is a couple of shovels and a couple dudes and there could be some fun lines runable. Check out the photos and if you want to know about how you can help out more call this number 978-486-9070 and talk to Lisalee who really has put a ton of work getting the whole space going. I'm sure they would be stoked to see some motivated people down there helping to make the space better and having a good time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


With the nice weather back we'll be putting the ledge out again to dork around on from time to time. Stop in and kick Spadas ass in a  game of skate. 


AC/DC never gets old.


Slade has a sweet new tattoo. Slade is the man. Slade also has a new baby boy as of Mothers day..also named Slade. Baby Slade made his first appearance in EB today with his mom and dad. Congrats to Slade and Mrs. Slade Death Lewis. Baby and babies momma are doing great which was really good news. 

...and thank you Slade for repping EB so hard. Means a lot. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thanks to all the friends, families and bands that came to the Bull Run in Shirley last night to support Justin and his fight against ALS.  Justin couldn't be there himself but we all want to wish him well and say what's up and we're thinking of ya buddy.  


Our buddy Seppi has a little LOVE skateboarding team clip to check out here. Filmed in Vienna, Barcelona, and Slovakia

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tom - T. Bird and Chris Carr killing time.
Chaz, Tanner and Colin at the Volcom Park.

Bub and Norton staying pale under the blazing Cali sun.

Also out there from here was Tim Humphreys, Andrew Mutty who is still the ruler, Matt Roberge, Brandon Reis, Noah and Tom "Tom Cat" P. from Loon ......I bumped into Dan Mac from BOND, Alex Pashley who now works for Dragon, Danny Garrity and others who came and went through the week. Other than a few bruised and battered riders, some sunburns and hangovers most everything was a total blast. Way to go Snowboarder Mag, Gatorade and Mammoth. 


The BEAR Bowl was quite a spectacle with multiple lines and riders trying to figure it out.  Gooner was the first to nail a solid line off the center jump and transfer into the bowl on the left side,  Greg Bokenkamp seen here in the video on the top line was going for high fives with someone else, TJ Schneider, Niko Cioffi and others chose to air in and handplant the opposite side of the bowl, but most took advantage of the hip out to the right and a couple aired it completely. Little carnage and lots of fun was had on this feature. Good thing too because it took a long long time to build it. Ripping around the bowl was sooooo fun.  


This hip was about the size of Wachusett Mtn. I'm not totally sure of the highest air off of this beauty but it was big. Over the barrels must have been about 25-28' Whatever it was riders had some hang time and were maching at it. Jake Welch, Austin Hironaka, Jenny Jones, Humpy, old WaWa local Colin Langlois, Pat Moore and others tackled it for a while until the sun went down.  


Pat Bridges might look like a sunscreen Mime here in this photo but really he's the orchestrator of the fine event known as "Superpark."
Hats off to Pat and the Snowboarder Mag crew that was there at Mammoth this past week. T-Bird, Tree, E Stone and all the photogs, filmers and behind the scenes people with the mag and Gatorade pulled off a pretty sick week. Park building crews from Mammoth, Bear and Loon made more than enough jumps and jibs to keep everyone busy until all were spent and tired. The Loonatic Jump, Loonics Cube, huge rollers, a GIANT Hip, Bowled Bear jumps with hip, 1/4 Pipes, State of NH jib/hips, tree gaps, a sick BMX style course winding down the trail through the woods and more were scattered all over the mountain at chair 4. Over 30 filmers and photographers were there clicking away all over the place at any given time between sessions on the big stuff so you're going to see footage from this for a long time to come. A lot goes into an event like this..way more than you might think, and guys like Pat make sure it goes off with few issues. Mammoth Mountain crews stayed plenty busy too making sure riders had everything possible to stay happy and healthy.  Killer job everyone .... and thanks a lot Pat for the couch and hospitality. 


Chelone Miller guinea pigged this Loon made monster jump before anyone even knew he was going to hit it. He nailed it twice before anyone else even tested the lip out. Pat Moore and Lonnie Kauk soon followed and some heavy stuff went down. Lip to the knuckle was a mere 103'....the step down was damn big too. Chelone scored $2,500 bucks from Snowboarders Pat Bridges at the bar one night for being the man to keep Superpark.. well...super. Chelone is also known for his boarder cross ability and considering going for the US Olympic Team. After this showing at Superpark though, word is his phone has been ringing from possible new sponsors. Hannah Beaman also accepted the money from Pat for being the standout rider from the womens session but she also stepped to the mens jumps with ease along with Jenny Jones who was KILLING it. Playing at the bar that night was none other than Danny Garritys band who made their first appearance to Mammoth a total banger.

This Friday:: Bull Run Shirley

Come show some support for Justin Brace. Good music, great beer, excellent times. Check out the flyer...

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Know The Ledge:: May 17th : Hosted by Danvers EB

We at Eastern Boarder Danvers, with the help of Jefferson Pang at DC Shoes, and the guys at RAW have been planning a skate contest to test the ledge tech skills of Boston area skaters.
The contest will be held on Sunday May 17th at 2:00pm at the Beverly Skatepark in Beverly Ma.
The group of skaters will be split into groups of 4, each group getting 4 minututes to skate the bench. 5 finalist will then be chosen for a 10 minute jam to decide the top 3. There will also be a High Ollie contest.
The contest will be free to enter but the spots will be limited, we will be leaving a few spots open for first come first serve the day of the contest.
The Skatepark is located just a few block from the Beverly stop on the commuter rail, Newburyport/Rockport line which runs out of North Station in Boston.
To get signed up or for details please contact me at Eastern Boarder in Danvers (978) 777-5650 or e-mail me mark@easternboarder.com

Beverly Skatepark- 4 McPherson Drive, Beverly, Ma. 01915

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