Saturday, July 31, 2010

New New New

es shoes, emerica shoes, altamont clothing, thrasher clothing, deathwish decks, think decks, mini logos bro!, bones wheels, spitfire wheels, LONG BOARD WHEELS DECKS AND TRUCKS!

stop in and buy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

little red is back

Pats been working his ass off rebuilding the rear end of his truck, it's on the road now so keep and eye out for him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A friend of the shops Matt Hinds stopped in a couple weeks ago and showed me some of his artwork. Matt draws using microsoft paint, no photoshop here, just straight up old school microsoft paint. I figured i would post this up to maybe inspire some of you out there who are always looking for the next Adobe update, it's not always about the newest best thing. Matt creates pretty unreal work on a program most of you have forgot about.
Thanks Matt.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


A few shots from the night sky over Westminster 7/21/10


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here are some of the new 2011 Burton decks to hit the shop floor already....$350 bucks and UNDER. Check the descriptions and figure out what fit's your wallet and style. Click the pics to enlarge them.

Monday, July 19, 2010


One of the longboard guys around here was feeling like his camera was worth enough to rig this PVC roll cage around it in case it went flying during a bomber run. Three bike grips, a few soft bushings for vibration dampening and some pipe and you could make one too.


Leo Local Jake provided us with cheap entertainment today during a lull. First Taylor got to do some cover up work on Jakes new SP tattoo with a bunch of markers, then someone found this beast of a Cicada bug in the parking lot and he was convinced to eat the thing for $9. At one point he spit it out but managed to put it down after some taunting. Good for laughs and a good sport.


People are already getting the snow bug again and looking to grab deals. With all of last years gear at 40% or more off it's worth a look. You can even still put it on layaway for up to one month if you wish too.

Here's an out take that Cavan had us look at. Mikey is always pretty funny....have a look for yourself.

Bear Mt Security Guard Speaks Out On Snowboarding: Outtake #1
We had a pretty damn good time in Bear filming Team Shootout. This security guard came down to bust us and give us shit, you may have heard of him before his name is Mikey Leblanc. Here’s the first of a couple outtakes we put together with him.

2010 TWS Team Shoot Out Video: Rome (Defending Champions)
The Team Shoot Out is heading your way in the September issue. We’re rolling out the videos starting with the 2009 defending champions Rome at Bear Mountain, California.
Teamriders: Eiki Helgason, Marie Hucal, Will Lavigne, Johnnie Paxson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin.
Filmmakers John Cavan and Leland McNamara.

2010 TWS Team Shoot Out Video: Rome Snowboards


Thanks to Scott over at Universal Music for hooking up the text in to win contest.

"Here is the winner info. I'm still waiting to
hear back from 2 of the runner ups."

Grand Prize Winner
Cameron Rees, Athol, MA....FYS deck

Runner Up
Cory Bridge
Fitchburg, MA.......FYS CD

Runner Up
Matthew Koula
Templeton, MA.........FYS CD

Runner Up
Michael Dame
Greenville, NH......FYS CD

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This weekend brought new Adidas shoes and clothing, DGK, Expedition, Girl decks and clothing, Eastern complete bikes, Come and get it.


Go Skate Day from slade lewis on Vimeo.

Slade just posted this clip from behind the shop on go skate day.


This video is missing footy of the amazing bowl they built, but here's a look at the some of the street course.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


EB MASS EAST and NH LFOD t-s are back. Also more RVCA, Analog clothing, and shoes are filling the shelves for.....sorry... "back to school."


......More Thunders, Indys, Mini Logos, BLOOD WIZARD, and a few higher end longboards from Landyachtz, Loaded and Never Summer.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Pencil the date in for JULY 24TH ... Part two in the CONCRETE CARNAGE SERIES hosted by Scion and Eastern Boarder, will take everyone to the Green Hill Park in Worcester. Win cash, prizes, eat dogs, and drink Venom in a shred session where everyone comes out on top that lands tricks. Save the date and meet us over there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

23 MAG ( BMX )

I stumbled across this 23 MAG site today. Maybe I'm a few years behind but never had seen it before. If you're into BMX flip through a few of these pages. There are all sorts of videos and info about pretty much anyone and everyone ...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


SHAPE. Check their site from time to time. Beat the heat.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Seeking Marketing/Special Events Coordinator:
Full-time year-round position responsible to create, organize, implement, energize and promote all year-round special events at Wachusett Mountain. Position also responsible for working with Marketing Director on executing year-round marketing plan including assist Web manager with content, functionality & graphic design of the website and maintaining all social network programming; assisting with Fall & Winter media buys for TV & Radio; and assisting with PR program. 2-3 years experience preferred. Send resume and cover letter to Tom Meyers, Director of Marketing, tom@wachusett.com and Nancy Mosher, Director of Personnel, nancy@wachusett.com


1) I heard you guys have had some fun out at Windells. Who was out there this year from the team?
Yeah I just cruised out there to do some filming for web content, and also to check Rome week at Windells. Eiki and LNP were with me for the first week and then for camp week we had Lazz, Paxson, LNP and young gun Stale Sandbech. All around Rome guy Ron Faverty was working with me the whole time out there too so that was fun. I got to see some friends like Pat Moore, Hana Beaman, Preston Strout, and I even got to hang with Shane Flood who is snowboarding once again so that was awesome.

2) You mentioned that you were hanging with Tommy J from EB out
there. Is he taking care of business or acting more like a camper
while he's "working?"
Tommy J is the man out there. He took good care of us, He’s skating like crazy and shralping around on the glacier, he’s not afraid of a little PBR either.

3) Any changes happening with the Rome team? Any young guns we should be looking out for?
Nothing really too big, we are all in deep on the movie. I’m really hyped to have Lucas Debari on our program now He an Bjorn are gonna be a heavy combo in the backcountry. The two Johnnies (Paxson and Lazz) are really blowing up. LNP was jumping at Windells so his back is 100% back from his injury, which is amazing. Eiki for the first time is going to focus only on 1 movie project, the Rome film so it should be nuts to see what happens from him…. I don’t know what more to say…our team is pretty good right now I think

4) How about an MFR update now that she's been on the mend for a while.
Ha ha yeah Marie is doing amazing…like seriously she is doing amazing not just saying that in a lame PR kind of way. I picked her up at the airport a couple weeks ago and I really didn’t know what to expect and she was just bouncing around, she was riding a dirt bike at the office and just super happy and positive. She said her doctors have told her she is making an amazing recovery and she was already pretty healthy to begin with but I think she’s taken this as a way to really get stronger and more healthy and she just seem genuinely excited about everything, so all the positive vibes everyone sent her seemed to work!

5) Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow a beard?
Every day Bub every day…..It takes me like three weeks just to grow a silly looking dirt stash so if I start working on a beard now I may have one in time for the movie premier…next year…HA

6) Have you stacked plenty of bangers for the next movie yet?
I’m not really talking too much about what we have for the movie, but we definitely have some shit. I’m pretty much planning on spending the entire season next year sleeping on floors living out of my truck and chasing winter all over the globe to get this beast finished. I see a lot of cold late nights with generators and early mornings swearing at stuck sleds in my future….

7) Getting any time off this summer for drink and drifts? Skating? Fishing? Basket weaving?
Yeah it’s been fun, I have been working quite a bit I had to bang the TWS Team Shoot Out video pretty fast so I’ve been pretty busy with all of that, but we’ve had some fun hangs in the bustling metropolis of Waterbury VT. I went to Fenway for a Sox game with Bill from Darkside and Sully and George from Rome. Haven’t really made it up to Burlington at all this summer but I think that will change soon.

8) From Rome’s standpoint hows the vibe up there in Vermont with
Burton sort of bailing out of the state? Does Rome have similar issues when it comes to conducting business in Vt?
I really don’t know about them leaving VT I have a lot of friends up there and from what I know they are still doing business in BTV, but I don’t really spend any time at all worrying about what those guys are doing. As far as Rome goes, this is our home, everyone is a big family here and I can’t really imagine us moving any other place…..I actually can’t really even imagine the conversation about it coming up

Note: This and other periodicals were published recently regarding moves with Burton.
"Home-grown Burton Snowboards announced Tuesday that it was closing its premium snowboard manufacturing facility in Vermont and shifting production to its plant in Austria.
The closing of the Burton facility in June will cost 43 workers their jobs.
Product design and development will remain in Vermont at its corporate headquarters in Burlington."

9) Romes 2011 product lineup looks really good. Assuming you have seen the numbers, what was the general purchasing trend from shops around the country with rocker to camber and everything in between for 2011?
Whoa whoa Bub when did you all of a sudden become so professional at interviewing people….is this some sort of new career path you are taking? As far as your question goes, Rocker was still very popular shops still however have gone deep with Rome on our quiver story and have gotten both kinds as well as hybrids. Shops seem really positive and excited about this upcoming year. I think everything looks good and fresh so that’s good.

10) After a lot more board testing by the team this summer and time going into 2012 product and beyond, what sort of things do you see happening with board construction and trends?
It’s hard to say but I feel that to me there is going to be a lot more growth in the New Technology/Hybrid camber side of things. I think reverse camber is so new that it hasn’t been perfected yet which is exciting to know that right now there’s probably all kinds of new camber designs and shapes that board designers are playing with. This year alone I rode a new Agent Rocker that had a camber that is reverse between the feet and regular on the tip and tail and had a new type of side cut called quickgrip that rides like a longer board but feels short. I also rode our MOD board with Hot rods built in to the board that you can noticeably feel the pop with. All of this new technology is fun when you really see differences in how it affects your riding popping stronger out of turn or feeling a higher ollie is great especially for fat old guys like ourselves who can take all the advantages we can get HA HA HA
".... especially for fat old guys like ourselves ...." nice Cavan...Let's just call it an insulating layer.

11) What sort of travel plans have you got lined up for the team?
Hopefully we also see you guys on the road again doing some more cool low key stuff with the local kids.
Yeah well we are gonna be on the road non stop for the new movie, but a big focus for Rome has always been getting into the shop and actually seeing kids, although I don’t know for sure what we will be doing this fall I’m sure I’ll be spending a good chunk of time coming through shops with team guys, it’s always cool to come through an hang with different shops, being from a shop like EB has always kind of reinforced in me the importance of local shops and the local crew of kids and employees that really are that area’s scene, anything Rome can do to fuel that scene is something I want to be a part of.

Thanks Bub, you’ve really stepped up your interviewing game here pal. I hope I can get back down to the greatest state in the union soon and have a hang. I attached some photos. Some are of me and some are some sneak peek video grabs I took from some "shred remains" stuff.

Thanks Cavan. Sorry about the more formal questions. I'll try and think of more "beard" type ones for the next time we catch up.

Monday, July 5, 2010


5 trick fix with pat mcnelley from slade lewis on Vimeo.


Taylor, Cody and Jay messing around out back.


Derek and Jay goofing around linking boxes up with the new low manny box.