Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After watching Mind Field for the 8 millionth time I had to bust out a new "old" video for a change. Still some of the best videos from the past were from Blueprint. 1st Brodcast from 2002 has been playing again and for kicks the old 1998 Shorty's Fulfill the Dream. Good old VHS. A lot of the skating still keeps up with the stuff in the new films too.


New shoes today..DVS Munition CT and Daytons.....Lakai Manchester Selects, Cairo Selects, Carroll Selects.


Tons of EB Tshirts are in route to the shops right now. Including this resession buster specialOPS 2/$25 youget one black and one white EB shirt, and save $9. Split it with a friend or alternate days you wear them. I smell a team challenge. Also arriving are East logo t's red on black. And The employee Favorite... old school EB 4 skull logo shirts on black and grey t's. These will fly out the door. And a new one for our May Employee of the Month... Keep an eye out for the Limited spaDUH shirts. Printed on organic anvil t's.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I talked briefly with Luke today from Waterville and it sounds like their revamping and rearranging a huge amount of the skate park for this summers camp sessions. Everyone that has gone in the past loved it and many have gone for more than a couple years. Great coaching, dorking around, swimming, skate shop trips, events and all sorts of things will keep you entertained during camp. Go to their site Waterville and have a look into it all or while you're here in the shop grab this brochure and get signed up soon!

Overnight Sessions are offered Midweek (Sun-Fri) starting on 6/28/09 or Weekend (Fri-Sun) starting on 7/3/09. Day Camp Sessions are also available.

2009 Session Schedule
Weekday Weekend
1.) June 28 – July 3
3.) July 5 – 10
5.) July 12 –17
7.) July 19 – 24
9.) July 26 – 31
11.) Aug 2 – 7
13.) Aug 9 – 14

2.) July 3 – 5
4.) July 10 – 12
6.) July 17 – 19
8.) July 24 – 26
10.) July 31 – Aug 2
12.) Aug 7 – 9

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The 1993 release of Sam Black Church might be a good listen if you never plugged into it before and like something with hard driving, fist pumping sound.

Sam Black Church (band)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Former members
Jet - Vocals
Ben Crandall - Guitar
Richard G. Lewis - Bass
J.R. Roach - Drums
Zack Adrien - Guitar

Sam Black Church (also known as SBC) was a Boston hardcore band that played from 1988 - 2000. It was named after the West Virginia community of Sam Black Church.

Sam Black Church were known for their energetic live performances. They played a frenetic blend of hardcore, metal, and thrash and shared bills with bands as diverse as Bad Brains, Clutch, Motörhead, Cro-Mags, Nothingface, Stuck Mojo, TREE , FEAR ,and Helmet. They were one of the most popular hardcore bands in the northeast for a period in the mid-1990s.
After releasing their first three EPs on Taang! Records, Sam Black Church left for Wonderdrugrecords where they remained until the band broke up in 2000.
Sam Black Church reunited for a sold out show on September 22, 2007, at The Roxy in Boston. Unearth, Madball and Darkbuster opened the show.

1. Unincorporated (1989)
2. Sam Black Church (1993)
3. Let in Life (1993)
3. SuperChrist (1995)
4. That Which does not Kill us...(1997)
5. The Black Comedy (1998)
6. For We are Many (2001)

Friday, April 24, 2009



E'S Accel TT's, Square One Mids

Plan B wheels, Gold wheels, Bones wheels.

Bones Reds, Swiss, Mini Logo bearings.

RED pad sets, Altamont T's and hoodies

Shorts have been coming in.

BMX ...Animal grips in new colors, tires, pedals....blah blah blah......all sorts of stuff has been coming in this week. Peep it.



original photo by Mike Tessier


Congrats to Nick for winning Nationals this year at Copper. Seems Waterville Valley and Bill Enos are still helping mold some of the best riders in New England. Here's a couple shots from Copper and a launch shoot in Keystone.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009




Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Local BMX shred Ian Bradley recently had the chance to go off and do some riding and filming for Disney ...yeah Disney..the place with the giant mouse. Details are sort of slim at the moment, but we might be able to watch this mini ripper soon on a Next X Showing of up and coming riders on Disneys XD show. This is a clipping snagged off the fatbmx.com site. Click on the clip for an expanded view.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The park site has been recently updated. Check it out and have a look.. fitchburg skatepark

We still have five of the park decks left here in the shop. They cost $50 but all of the money goes back into the park to make sure it's maintained and cleaned up for everyone to enjoy. As always we keep the fund raising can on the counter here too for any donations and for $1 you can buy one of the stickers for the park and it'll also go right to the park fund.

Keep an eye out here for this summers dates and skate lesson schedule.


Here's an email clip from Amanda at Wachusett if any of you guys didn't get enough riding in here's another shot at it.

Rail Jam- Saturday 25th

As part of the Swap & Sale We are putting together a Rail Jam!!

There's tons of snow from the Pond Skimming so we're putting together a Jam at the end of Ralph's.

-$5 Entry Fee going right back towards a cash prize
-Helmets Required
-Liabilty Form required (Bring your mom or dad to sign if you're under 18 or e-mail amanda@wachusett.com to have her send you one in advance)
-Categories based on attendance- Possibly 16+, under 16, and women's if there are enough in each category
- Registration from 11-12, Jam start approx 12:30, awards immediately following.

See you on the hill!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Attn: Hippies, class cruisers, beach patrol, hill bombers and sidewalk surfers....We have long boards from Sector 9, Globe, and Loaded along with wheels from ABEC 11,  Orangatang, Sector 9 in stock. Roll in and roll out. Shaka.   

Monday, April 13, 2009


GET IT. Listen and be stoked. I love when I find something that's been here for years and sort of forgotten in a pile of crap. This however is NOT crap.....give your ears an ass kicking.

Duane Peters
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Duane Peters (born 1961), nicknamed "The Master of Disaster",[1] is a punk rock singer/songwriter and professional skateboarder, who has been at the top of the sport for almost 30 years.

Peters is credited for inventing many tricks, such as the "acid drop" into a pool/bowl, the "layback grind", the "Indy air", the "Sweeper", the "backside layback grind revert", the "fakie hang-up" (a.k.a. "Disaster"), the "invert revert", the "fakie thruster", and the "loop of death", a full 360-degree rotation in a specially designed loop.[2] He also, along with Neil Blender, helped to evolve the footplant into the more dynamic fastplant
Peters was one of the very first high profile skaters to embrace punk rock, cutting his hair short and narrowing his jeans when most skaters were still wearing 1970s fashions. However, in the mid-1980s, Peters embraced a "mellow" lifestyle. This included distancing himself from the punks of the era, even joining a "white-funk/new-wave-romantic" band in 1984.[3]
Peters was named Transworld Skateboarding's "Legend" in 2003. He is a professional skateboarder who rides for Pocket Pistols Skates, and also a subdivision of the Black Label Skateboards called Emergency. In May 2005, Black Label Skateboards released a biographic film, entitled Who Cares: The Duane Peters Story,[4] and a second documentary is planned by havocTV, focusing on Peters' and Parks' path to sobriety.[5]
Along with skateboarding, Peters is a well-known punk rock singer. He has formed bands such as the US Bombs, Political Crap, Die' Hunns (also known as Duane Peters and The Hunns), Duane Peters Gunfight, and Exploding Fuckdolls. He also owns a record label called Disaster Records,[6] which represents bands such as The Briggs, Civet and The Hollowpoints.
In 2000, Peters formed Duane Peters and The Hunns with Rob Milucky (previously of The Grabbers and The Pushers fame.) Within two years, the band released three full-length albums and undertook both national and European tours. At a The Damned show in 2002, Peters met future wife Corey Parks, who had just left her previous band, Nashville Pussy. Parks joined Duane Peters and the Hunns on bass guitar and soon the band changed their name to Die Hunns, recorded a fourth full-length album entitled Fire Fight, and embarked on another tour.
Peters is married to Parks, with whom he has a son, Clash Thomas Peters (born in 2004). Clash is the stepbrother to oldest child Schuyler and middle child Chess (Chelsea) Peters; Both from a previous marriage.
Peters has also struggled with drug addictions, mainly heroin, for around 10 years. As of March 2007, Peters and his current band, Die Hunns canceled their tour as Peters once again entered rehabilitation facility.
Peters 20 year-old son Chess (Chelsea) Peters was killed in a car accident on July 6, 2007. [7]
In late 2008, Peters started another independent record label called Indian Recordings. The second Duane Peters Gunfight album entitled Checkmate will be released through this label in March, 2009.


Seppi Scholler is one of our snow bros from Austria. He and some of the guys from the shop became friends by chance while Seppi was in the US a few years back. If you "googled" him you would find all sorts of things but here's a quick catch up on the most positive and happy guy in snowboarding.
Huck Mag interview
Seppi has been taking laps with TJ Schneider and done some clips for TJ's Snowboard Realms. His big project though has been launching LOVE over in Austria and it sounds like things are starting to happen for them. Seppi has a one footed shot here on one of their new snowboards ( Made in the Elan factory )...t-s, hoodies, and skate decks are also being made with LOVE. He mentioned that the LOVE video is in the works too, so things seem to be busy over there.

Like I said he's a happy guy and doing good things for others too. Recently Seppi said that (28. February - 1st March)"... our Social Charity Kids Weekend went down in Flachauwinkel.
In cooperation with Flachauwinkel and Blue Tomato we took 10 orphanage Kids from the “Kinderheim Stiefern” for 2 days out to Flachauwinkel and on the slopes to have a good time with us and the other Love Teamriders including Marc Swoboda, Ditz Pichler, Dominik Wagner, and me." ( Seppi )

( part of an email with Seppi ..)
"Yeah man, I'm all good! I've had a really super busy snowboard season. And "besides" this LOVE is also groweing really good. We also started to make snowboards! I'm really stoked about this! The sentence "love is freedom"written on the boards...also kinda like means that I'm "independent" and "grown up" and free from everyone now.. :). I had really good print and tv coverage this year. And I really focused the whole season (it's not over untill end of July..) on filmeing, because we will bring out an own LOVE team movie in October. As soon as the teaser is ready in summer, I'll send it to you guys. We will really try to make the movie different. It will have about 70 % snowboard and 30 % skateboard in it. Will have a big "art" and "social" aspect and I promise will be fun.. :) Snowboarders will be: Stefan Gimpl, Marc swoboda, Me, Flo mausser, and some more. I also asked Danny (Garrity) to give me some shots from him for the friends part! Also TJ Schneider will have some shots for example. We just went rideing together and he made some snowboard realms episode. In generall...we had A MEGA POWDER WINTER this year!!! Ok thats a little update on my last year.. :)"
.............See all the happy faces in there? The guys got move positive vibes than anyone I have ever met and it's awesome.

So keep your eyes open for the logo shown here and check out the Huck Mag interview too. In a world torn up with a lousy economy, countries at war, and other bummer happenings, it's nice to see someone trying to just keep things positive. Spread the LOVE.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Fun for almost a whole minute ! You can even do doubles while in a boat! Comes with free instant headache! Find the sneaky primate in the video and get a free second ribbon! The SWING WING!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Viking Hi Gravis aka Artos shoe now in stock.


Just borrow a truck.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Nick Francke shot this I believe.. a few years back.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Seafoam from justforfun on Vimeo.


Shallow and Pedantic from Kris Cormier on Vimeo.