Friday, September 28, 2007


EB has added Stepchild to the giant wall of boards this winter. You don't even need red hair to buy one.

If you're old like me, you'll see the Kool Trick Stick and remember the original Look graphic..nice touch and a better park/rail shape than the original by todays standards. Powder Sucks decks for all mountain freestyle do it all sorts. Directional shaped Simon Chamberlain pro model and twin shaped Hammer-Head too. Check stepchildsnowboards.com for more in depth info. See, smell, and taste the new 2008 boards here now.


New colors and a few different fits.


Craig Babineau and Pat Mullen have been out of the area for a while but still rep EB along the way. Looks like Craig set up an old M3 for some hill bombing. Pat has been taking a lot of photos too that you should check out sometime. www.mullenphoto.com

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Crotched Mtn had a little rail contest the other day. Looks like it was a take off made of hay. Jeremy said it was fun though and everyone had a good time. Early season events are always funny. It's 90 out today and we're all waiting for snow already. Impatient lil bastards we are. Pics from Teddy.

Chrissy Carelli, Jeremy Reid, Sean Thomas, Brandon Griffin, and Carolyn Rhondina pictured

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


WELLFLEET bowl and the rest of the park looks real fun check out concretedisciples.com for all sorts of parks out there.

SNOWBIRD gets a lil early snow. Peep futuresnowboarding.com Great mag and website too.

RARArail JAM at WAWAchusett SASAsaturday the 6th

Monday, September 24, 2007


It's not like most of us can just toss 50 bucks in a can everyday but this is an important fundraiser for all New England skaters and more. Boston's state of the art park still needs to raise money so it can be completed. Please donate what you can, parks like this don't get built on waiting around for someone else to help out. When it's done it'll be totally worth the donation. If you can't personally help, at least forward this info to someone that may have the chance to do so. Thanks

To All Skaters of Greater Boston,

Many of you probably only know me by my nickname, Eastie, but my real name is Jamie Cumming and I’ve been working with the Charles River Conservancy as a member of their Skatepark Committee for the past several months. I agreed to join the CRC’s Skatepark Committee so that we, local skateboarders, would have a voice within the CRC to help guide them in their decisions related to the park’s design and how better to relate to and understand our needs.

I have lived in Boston for practically my entire life and have been skating here for the past 22 years. Finally it seems the reality of the Charles River Skatepark is within our grasp. In these final months before construction starts, the CRC is still quite intent on raising funds for this project and this is why I’m writing all of you.

An anonymous donor has agreed to make a $50,000 donation to the park if he/she sees evidence of skateboarders’ support for this fundraising aspect of the project. Essentially if the CRC receives 100 new contributions ($50 per person) by mid-October then this anonymous donor will present his/her matching donation of $50,000. Since this challenge grant was originally announced the CRC has received 24 donations and needs 76 more to meet its goal.

Trust me I completely understand that $50 may be a bit of a stretch for some of us but if we could rally all of our friends and family members, I’m sure we can make this happen. All donations can be made through the CRC’s website for the skatepark and be sure to add “Challenge Grant Donation” to the memo portion of your donation so that it can be counted towards this goal. (www.charlesriverskatepark.org) Or mail the check to CRC, One Education Street, Cambridge MA 02141.

Thanks for your time and consideration regarding this Challenge Grant. We plan to break ground in the spring and I’ll see all of you on opening day.

Jamie Cumming


Pretty much speaks for itself...new RAW T


Low profile knee pads from Shadow Conspiracy


Rome Labels for lil guys, Manuals and Anthems for the big ones.


All sorts of decks are hitting the shops. Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, DGK, Organika, Expedition One, 5Boro's.
New Krooked Pro Bobby Worrest deck
New DGK Pro's Wade Desarmo's and Lenny Rivas decks. Wheels from Gold, Spitfire, Bones SPF, STF, and 100's.
more, more, more...... Swiss Rush, Bones, Lucky...New Thunder Ellington's and Busenitz trucks.

Local hero Jessy is smiling because he beat you to the new pile of Anti Hero decks today.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


5boro demo Oct 7th at 2pm in the Nashua park.


The EB here in Leominster is also a Thule dealer. When it comes to camping and sport rack systems Thule is ahead of the game. Boxes are quick and easy to install and give you more room for your bros to fit in the car for the ride up North. We just picked up the new Atlantis boxes 1600 1800 and 2100's in black and silver. Quiet on the road and they clip to any factory rack with crossbars in about 2 minutes. Check out the Thule.com site to see the best system for your traveling needs, or just stop in to see what would work here in the shop.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Special Blend outerwear to keep you dry and warm.
.......Martini's can be dry and warming too. Picture you're at Wachusetts Copper Top after a late night shred. The smell of your burning socks as you sit too close to the fire, the hustle of the bar, maybe the big games on the plasma, your bookie even calls to tell you "you're off the hook and he'll just get you next time." Now step it up a notch..... Imagine a cougar hunt in that hot red SB jacket. You're looking tight with that hat head and wind burned goggle face, frozen, frost bitten fingers because you're way too down to dress warm.....it dosen't matter really, it's all about the coat remember? With logo placement at it's best, and the "I could be sponsored" gleam in your eyes those ladies don't stand a chance...Where's the fire boy!
......now when your both half tranquilized from the martinis and the cougar takes you to be eaten in her den, you can bust out the Rome Snowboards "Any Means" DVD! That should clinch it. You're sleeping on the couch.

A peek into cougar territory......


ZERO tires and UNIT tools in all sorts of flavors.

T-S from Grenerd, RAW, Nike, Stussy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Mention that you check this blog, and we'll GIVE you the Analog DVD from their tour of Japan. Who doesn't love free stuff ! DVD's are available now in limited quantities, so get your free stuff lovin' butts in here and wish it was Winter.


Decks from Mystery, Zero, Real, Krooked, and word is more brands on the way any day. Circa keeping it tight. New hoodie and another color in the Tre.


A hefty box of new Demolition parts hit the shelves today.

It's that time of year..more new skate and snowboard DVD's ...get your stoke on.


Womens Burton hoodies with a living sheep inside to keep you toasty warm this Fall. Feel Baaaaaaaa d ass in this all over printed dude getting garment. Yeah yeah very punny I know...whatever it's a nice hoodie. Other womens gear and clothing has been filling the racks daily..peep it.


GRENADE!!!! Run for cover or to the closest EB for the bomb drop of 2008 Grenade outerwear.

Can't stand ratchets and feeling the need for speed? FLOW bindings for kids, bro and pro level rippers make getting a jumpstart on another run quick and easy. Beat your pokey friends to the fresh powder! (aka New England groomers anyway)

K2 Cinch CTS bindings and Darko boots also make getting to that first turn a breeze. Ride kids Spark boots look killer this year too.


New t-s from the good people at Lifted Research Group.


After picking out his kit Evan's on his way to the binding wall to see which hardware will look tight with the blue Burton puffy.

Perhaps premature here, but Evan strikes a victory pose none the less looking all Kier Dillon like.

Bub's ready to hit the slopes in the 686 kit and shows off the K2 After Black..."once you go black....."..umm..anyway.... and Evan poses for a Sprite ad in his lemon and lime get up.

Shaun White has nothing on this ....Ride mini shred stick and White Collection coat and pant.


Is that Eddie Wall deck making you blue Strobel? Not to worry son...that Analog rig and board combo will have the ladies eating out of your hand.

Check that shave ...all nasty like. Dirty Evan feeling pretty Special in that Blended coat and pant

Jon's spotted feeling Rides Kinky side and their matching kit.

It's the year of purple everything. Why not finish it off right with a purple coat and binding too.

Rome deck and skinny pants. Bub squeezes into constrictor threads..XL my ass...

Evan taking it to the next level matching his sidewall to his coat..ohhh snap!

So there's a peek at just a bit of the new snow gear that's been put out to tease the cold weather freaks. Come in and put your own kit together....screw the fashion police. Mix it up and hold that head up proud.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice Weather

Some of the country stong dudes cruised the burg on this last beautiful saturday. They worked on doubles routines, skids, looking tough and abubacas it was sick basically epic check it out.