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Represent LOON MTN with the new sick collaboration gloves with POW. Sold in Med, Large and XL right here at EB for 69.99. Premium goatskin leather with waterproof breathable liners ...mid weight too. Pretty sweet.

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This message brought to you by the old man of the mountain:
The Only Pipe Contest in the East... Snowmaking pipe jib contest that is. This summer we built 7 new snowmaking pipe jibs so why not have an event on them? The first of it's kind, or at least that's what we are claiming, Pipe Dreams is an all pipe jib jam session with prizes from heavy hitting sponsors like 32, Etnies, Neff, OneOhEight, and Rome Snowboards. Registration runs from 10:30 - 12:00 and the Jam kicks off at 1:00pm. Registration is $20 with a season pass and $50 if you need a ticket. Whether you have a skinny stance or wide stance, you won't don't want to miss this event. ( B. Norton )


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The all womens shred flick "Peep Show" featuring part of EBs Ginger Force Colleen Quigley, is showing Thurs night on the Transworld site.

Exclusive Online Premiere Of Peep Show’s Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow!
We’re ( TRANSWORLD SNOW ) showing the whole movie from start to finish.
The show starts on Thursday, December 23 @ 7:00 pm Eastern, 4:00 pm Pacific.

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Some of these guys are still out there killing it...some of them have faded out. All of them helped make skateboarding in New England over the last couple decades even more legit. Worcester EB's Tom Oliver aka TEO put this together about 13 years ago. Here's part one of three.

Part two....

Part three...

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I got this great email from a long time customer of ours today. If you've been eyeballing the newest Lib Attack Banana at all take a second to read this. Daren is a really solid rider that has years of experience on the snow on lots of different boards....all from the same company. I convinced him to break his routine for a change. Sounds like the pay off was worth the risk too.

Thanks for pushing me to try something different! I rode the Lib Wednesday night and had a blast on it!! Conditions were really good so I didn’t get to try it on some icy stuff yet. I set it up centered like you advised and really thought it turned extremely well riding either way. The tail was SUPER poppy and the board had a nice med-soft flex. The board spins easily and was so responsive it took me a couple runs to truly appreciate it. I can’t wait to ride it again!

Thanks again

Thanks for the feedback Daren..glad you like it.

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Get a team together for this years Sofa King on Facebook

Company Overview:
This is the evolving story of twelve teams who dared to be different. They were sick of traditional contests and wanted out. We gathered these unique groups and made a contest solely for them. Welcome to Sofa King New England, snowboarding's first video scavenger hunt. These are their stories.
We are proudly sponsored by Ride Snowboards, Pow Gloves, The Face Mask, Contour Cameras, Siege Audio, Blue Hills, Mount Snow Carinthia, Loon, Waterville Valley, Wachusett, and Crotched Mountain.
Contest runs from January 22 - March 2. Each team consists of 4 riders, 1 photog, and 1 filmer. You will all travel to 6 mountains and receive each scavenger hunt list upon arrival.

The $100 entry fee per team gets you lift tickets to all 6 mountains, a Contour HD camera with mount for the season, and other VIP matters.

Email sofakingnewengland@gmail.com with your team entry or questions. Application deadline is Wednesday January 19.

Last years prizes included a full one year Ride sponsorship, a VIP all inclusive trip to Ride Shakedown in Canada, gas cards, mountain summer events, and assorted other prizes from our sponsors.

This years sponsors include Ride Snowboards, Pow Gloves, Siege Headphones, The Face Mask, Contour HD Cameras, Blue Hills, Crotched, Waterville Valley, Loon, Wachusett, and Mount Snow Carinthia.

All teams must attend our kick off event at Crotched on the evening on Saturday January 22 during Video Park. Tickets will be included for all.
(read less)
Contest runs from January 22 - March 2. Each team consists of 4 riders, 1 photog, and 1 filmer. You will all travel to 6 mountains and receive each scavenger hunt list upon arrival.

The $100 entry fee per team gets you lift tickets to all 6 mountains, a Contour HD camera with mount for the season, and other VIP matters.

Email sofakingnewengland@gmail.com with your team entry or questions. Application deadline is Wednesday January 19.

Last years prizes included a full one year Ride... (read more)
Facebook Page:


Gould Academy in Bethel Maine now offers "Skate School"

Complete story from Transworld Business

Maine high school English teacher Dave Bean, 52, has been skating since he was eight. Bean has taught the past thirteen years at Gould Academy—a private boarding school in the southwestern part of the state near Sunday River Ski Resort—and also serves as the school’s skateboard program director, overseeing a varsity skate squad. Playing a large role in the region’s skate community, Bean runs free competitions for middle and high school students across the state called the Maine SK8 Series, as well as amateur contests for riders under 20-years old, and has also worked to construct a municipal skate park in South Paris, Maine, a community park in Bethel, Maine, and a 9,000-square-foot indoor park at Gould Academy. Recently, Bean teamed up with the school’s staff to launch a three week summer program for eighth and ninth graders called Skate School, which will get underway May 2011 and feature a week-long trip to Camp Woodward East in Pennsylvania.

“For about ten years now I’ve been intrigued with the relationship between the way we understand how to learn on a skateboard, (snowboard, skis or surfboard,) and in a classroom,” says Bean. “Learning, and understanding the way we learn, has strong carry over between athletics and academic work. The question became how to marry the passion in one cohesive program.”

Bean and his staff will start the program out slow, offering six openings to students at Gould, with hopes to increase the capacity in years to come, he says. Drawing on partnerships with Camp Woodward, Skate Park of Tampa, and Zoo York, Bean has also been able to gain backing from the skate industry for future projects.

“Skateboard programs in schools are a natural progression for us as a growing industry, and we should embrace the ones that do it right and authentically,” says Zoo York Brand Manager Seamus Deegan. “Dave’s program is one of those. He works with the New England community to highlight skateboarding positively. This helps not only retain kids skateboarding as they become adults but also makes communities more understanding and open to building parks. In the Northeast, especially, this is key as unlike Southern California, skateboarding is not a widely accepted part of the lifestyle.”

Bean took a minute to answer a few questions about the new program and what he hopes to accomplish with it in the near future.

How did the idea for Skate School originate?

Over the past couple years the admissions director at Gould Academy, Todd Ormiston, and I have been talking about ways to capitalize on the success of our 13-year-old skateboard program. See the blog at: skateschool.gouldacademy.org for more background. We came up with a three-week program that would give skaters a sense of our school. At Gould we look for ways to emphasize some of the things we do really well and this is one of those things. It’s a niche recruiting tool and a means to ramp up our skateboard program. It’s a similar model as our Winter Term Program, a four month experience for competitive snowboarders, alpine skiers, and freestyle/freeride skiers.

How did the partnerships with Camp Woodward, Zoo York, and Skate Park of Tampa come about?

On and off I’ve talked with Gary Ream about his plans for Woodward U. That program is amazing. I have a ton of respect for all the programs and facilities that Camp Woodward develops around the world. Gary sponsors a regional amateur skateboard series I run called Schooled Series. And he’s a great resource.

Business partnerships allow us to work with like-minded companies with a different type of exchange. Skate School and the rest of our program don’t require lots of product. Yeah, SPoT threw down for t-shirts and trucker hats which are cool, but when I reach out to Ryan Clements I’m looking for advice and insight. Seamus Deegan, at Zoo York is just totally generous about supporting what we do. Zoo York decks are actually made in Western Maine about a half hour from us. Seamus takes care of us with decks, for sure. Rye Airfield is our home away from home, the largest indoor skatepark in the Northeast, and home of a brand new vert ramp. Beau Lambert manages RAF and we work together pretty regularly. Jim Gray, Inkgenda, is an old friend so it only made sense to have him do the stickers. I try to do what I can to add value to these brands by doing good work and I learn as much as I can from everyone.

How do you see this program benefiting youth at Gould and what potential impact do you see it having on the skate community and industry in your region?

Skate School will raise the stakes for skateboarding at Gould. It will enrich our community. We are a traditional private boarding school with great board sports both in the skatepark and on the mountain at Sunday River Ski Resort, which is just down the road. The fact that skateboarding is a varsity sport and hopefully has the ability to draw in new skateboarders who might also be passionate snowboarders or freestyle/freeride skiers or alpine racers is an exciting prospect.

We love skateboarding and we want skateboarding to stay what it is—free and free form. We ride with the students in our program as team managers. We session together. There’s more give and take than in other sports. We do dynamic stretching and on rainy days we’ll use our indoor skatepark and if skaters are USSA members some can train on our trampoline, complete with foam pit. It is a very individualized program. On one end of things are folks who are just learning how to kickflip and on the other end are riders doing World Cup events. You gotta love it.

How have you seen the industry change and evolve and where do you think its headed?

Clearly I’ve seen what everyone has seen in that skateboarding went from this core pursuit to a mainstream thing. Everyone has the shoes, the shirt, the hoodie. From an industry standpoint that’s a good thing. Burnside and FDR will always be there as counter balance.

I don’t want skateboarding to be any more mainstream than it is. When students ask me if they should be on skate team I say, “If you can see yourself doing anything else, do it. The only reason to skate is if you absolutely have to do it.” Where as the lacrosse coach goes at it just the opposite way because he’s dealing with a team sport. I think skateboarding takes a lot of imagination and energy. That has to come from inside you.

Where do you see the future of this program at Gould headed? Do you foresee other schools in the region adopting this model?

I’m certain other schools will do similar programs. I hope we can grow the program to include more focused students and passionate skaters. Plus, with Goulds competitive on-snow programs in alpine racing, snowboarding, and freestyle/freeride skiing, the skateboarding program makes sense.

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Untitled from DUMP EM on Vimeo.

The Runs Episode 2: Dylan Dragotta
This week of The Runs features Dylan Dragotta in his official “Welcome to the Eastern Boarder Team” edit. Fresh off his win last night at Killington’s Rails to Riches, we figured what better time that now than to release Dylan’s online part. So officially, Eastern Boarder would like to Welcome Dylan to the squad, and what better way to introduce him than to release a his part here on YoBeat. There’s a lot of skateboarding, but it’s winter now, so plan on more strapping from Dylan soon.

Dylan’s edit was put together by Colton Feldmen, the man behind the Dump ‘Em Out video, and was filmed by Colton, Skylar Brent, and some other miscellaneous friends throughout last winter and this past summer.

The runs is a weekly web-edit series from Eastern Boarder and YoBeat. You should come back every week and watch them.



It might seem premature to start hyping Summer Camp at High Cascade right now, but if you have a certain session you want to attend now is the time to look into booking your spot. This is the classic you snooze, you lose sort of thing, so don't get caught catching zzzzzz's.


There are all sorts of fun events happening at Loon again this winter to check out. If you can only do one though, that better be March 16th for EB's 11th annual Last Call......or else.

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Spada and I just got back from a real quick, but fun trip to Hood to check out the Vans and Pro-Tec snow line up for 2012. Vans invited a bunch of shops from around the country over the last week to preview and get to try out the new gear on the snow, while putting us up in the historic Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. Luckily we were in the last group of the week and ended up the ones with all the fresh snow too. I rode the Wiig and John rode a pair of Vans/Holden colab boots. We were both pretty stoked on the fit and feel of the boots during the day we got to ride. The rest of the boot line looks pretty solid for next year too. Pro-Tec has some great colors on the way and some of the lightest helmets I have seen made. The fit was on point too along with plenty of great tech features incorporated to provide better venting and fit for many different brand goggles. Thanks Andy P, and everyone from Vans, Pro-Tec for the preview and the hospitality. Nice to have met and ridden with the other shop guys too from Damage and Francisco up at Stratton. Hopefully now the 2-3 feet that fell over the last couple days there finds its way here somehow.

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Zane Bradley made a strong showing at the Wicked Jam up at Rye this week. Photos and details are slowly coming out on all the big BMX sites.

The 2010 Rye Airfield Wicked Jam went down today in Rye, New Hampshire. Here's a quick rundown of the final results -
1. Chris Hughes
2. Big Daddy
3. Zane Bradley

Ian Bradley did pretty well too landing in 5th while riding in the "Good" class.
1st- Timmy McGrath (16)
2nd- Matty Cranmer (13)
3rd- Jamie Cooper-Ellis (13)
4th-Gabe Walker (14)
5th- Ian Bradley (14)

Info snagged from Vital and Transworld


Now in stock....One of the most anticipated BMX videos of the year.

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The sequal to the blockbuster skate film of the year "Fitchminster" is finally done! Back in 19??..uh ummm..well..a while ago, two towns gave birth to a bunch of local skaters. Their dramatic adventures, antics, stunts, and all around good times have been caught on film ever since. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cringe, and be totally amazed at what you will witness! How much will you pay for all this excitement?! NOTHING! It's FREE!!! Gather up some heads and get over to the Entertainment Cinemas in Leominster Wed Dec 8th at 9pm in theater #2 and be blown away! Fitchminstertwo
Basically if you enjoy watching some great skateboarding and seeing a lot of locals and their friends having a good time check it out. It's free for anyone.

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Nicks out in Co. right now and sent me these dorking around pics today, so I caught him on FB for a min to catch up. Facebook cut and paste chats make for quick interviews. Here's the "interview".....

Me: ok remind this old man where the hell you are....breck with Alex and?
Nick: haha its at keystone
the black and white stripe jacket is merrick
see, I forget easily now
the diedye pants and volcom board is me
I knew that was you at least
and the black and tiedye jacket with the flow board is alex
haha ok sounds good

ok I'm going to cut and paste this shit...whens the dew tour ?
this is a facebook interview
for the blog...
type..say something clever will you?
haha its at the end of the month
something clever
thats vague
the 16th to the 20th of december i believe
hope you remember....you might just miss it
hows the snow today?
amazing, just how it is all the time out here
admit it, you miss riding ice
so when you get back ? straight up to Waterville?
i do miss the ice
see..we all come back for another beating
yepp going home for christmas the right back up to waterville
plans this winter? other events?
ill hoepfully be doing the vermont and utah dew tours, grand prix in mammoth and us open
im sure ill be doing alot more events to i just ahd to figure out the schedule
remember what we talked about..contest runs = all switch methods
so are you creeping on some women here on FB?

haha thats all i do in my free time, i live on facebook
well thats where I found you for this lame interview
im multi tasking
anyway Nick..go back to wearing unwashed socks and wet boots..get some turns in for us back home
i'm in the middle of making spongebob mac n cheese
ohhh fine dining
take it easy and good luck with the Dew Tour
thanks bub!

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Black Friday, is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a day when people line up by the hundreds around Best Buy to save $30 on a new Wii, or trample people in a Wal Mart doorway to score a George Foreman grill at a DEEP DISCOUNT. On a much better note, it’s a great time to grab some new snowboard gear.

Shred shops will be packed this Friday November 26th, and your local shop guys will be working their asses off. Rome SDS wants to hook you up, by hooking them up on this busy day.
The first 3 people in each time zone (eastern, central, mountain, and pacific), to email in a photo of themselves are going to get hooked up, but first you have to hook up your shop. Just bring your local shop some coffee, donuts, or maybe even breakfast sandwiches or burritos (if you’re looking for hero status), snap a photo for proof and we’ll hook you up with some Rome SDS Old 561 Mitts if you’re one of the first 3 in your zone.
Email photo proof to winner@romesnowboards.com, and make sure to include your full mailing address as well as your time zone. Worst case scenario is you hook up your local shop with some breakfast goodness and are a little late on the email and don’t win. You’re still hooking up a crew that has most likely hooked you up in the past with the right gear and some high fives.


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Unions are dumping into the stores just in time for the "big holiday weekend." EB Forces, DK Pro, DLX, Contacts, Force.... and more in the next couple days.


Ian and Zane Bradley from Andy Alvarez on Vimeo.

"Ian and Zane are 14 and 16 years old. They are two of the coolest little kids out there. They both shred hard, and have a great sense of humor. Here is a quick edit of the two of them from a recent trip to Woodward Camp." Clip and blurb taken from Andy Alvarez.

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We're still receiving new snow product for 2011. Recently DC has been coming in the doors along with 686, Never Summer, K2, Ride, Air Hole, and more. We have a great mix of boards for any style of rider. If you're a beginner, three beers deep, aggressive freerider, all mountain ruler, jump, or technical jib shred it's here in the shop. If you want ... rocker, camber, reverse rocker, magna traction, banana, EC2, flat kick, wiggly stick, flying V, jibby jabber, swallow tail, blunt nosed, drop trou, or whatever other catchy sounding shaped board you can think of...we have it. As if that's not enough, we have a truck load of leftover, blowout priced stack of goods on the way in the next few days from the Expo in Boston. If your wallets thin but your brains on shred there will be boards, boots and bindings arriving at 40% off or more.

Tonight with the lower temps the mountains have fired their guns up again. Be ready..we only get a few months of the year here in New England to play in the snow. May as well get as many days in as possible.

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Soon to be in stock. Represent, represent....

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Come and get your brain washed for $14.99

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Chilly Miller is another New England ripper. He's always going to be the guy that steps up to be the test pilot without bothering to play ro-sham-bo too. Maybe he's a few ants short of a picnic...maybe he's just that solid. Whatever it is he's always fun to watch.

Arbor boards can also be found at Eastern Boarder this winter.


Commotion- The Movie from Commotion on Vimeo.

Good stuff here. Clips from Carr, Grendy, Kramer, Langlois and many other East Coast rippers...watch the whole thing if you can.

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We all ride locally quite often and day passes are expensive. If you're local to Wachusett consider joining our GPS group and buying a season pass. It'll pay for itself within a few visits. The bronze pass is perfect for morning sessions when nobody is there and later in the evenings when the school groups leave. Stop into the store and grab a GPS pamphlet or when you sign up online for one fill in the "group name" under Eastern Boarder / Leominster to save the most money. Buy it EARLY though because after Nov 17th each pass goes up another $100. Right now the bronze pass is $229 which allows you to ride weekdays (non holiday) and all nights.

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Lots of new snowboard gear from Rome, Bond, AG, Oakley, Electric and more...


Before you get out there to ride in the next couple of weeks get your board cleaned up and waxed. Full service tune ups include base grinding, edging, waxing and normal ding repair for $29.99. Heavy board damage may be fixable and priced out when we see what we're up against.


Kovall posted this a couple days ago on his FB. It's too good not to have a look at though. Nothing like schooling a lot of guys that have been skating for a few years.

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Bostons shaping up to be a VERY busy week for all of us here at EB. We're bringing in all sorts of demos and contests for those of you that venture into the city to get insane deals on equipment, New England mountain specials and more. Here are two more happenings that are scheduled for next week.


Here are a a couple of the upgrades at Wawa this winter:

MORE WHITE: Wachusett’s stellar snowmaking is making major strides toward moving toward a fully-automated system with the addition of 32 new state-of-the-art HKD snow guns this season. These replacement guns include 3 fully-automatic computerized guns on the top of 10th Mountain Trail which will allow speedier snowmaking start up during optimal weather conditions, permitting to snowmaking crews to make quicker adjustments for temperatures and humidity. The additional new semi-automatic snow guns have been installed on the Smith Walton and Challenger trails which will allow for faster snowmaking “dustings” in season to continue to assure the best possible conditions.

MORE RAILS: Wachusett’s 2 Alpine Parks will be stepping it up this season with the addition of 15 new rail and box features in production by Destoy Terrain Parks of Maine. These new features include 4 new rails – including a new 24-foot down rail and 11 new boxes – including a unique new “connection” set which allows for multiple configurations on the Look Mom Terrain Park. The new features will also include 5 new “progression park” boxes for Wachusett’s smaller terrain park area on Frannie’s Folly. All the new features are expected to be in place when the Park’s scheduled opening in December.

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big man on a little board. MILNER SHREDS!


Winter Dew Tour Athletes For 2010-2011 Season

Burr Ridge, Ill. – October 28, 2010 – Registration is open for the third season of the Winter Dew Tour and the list of pre-qualified athletes has just been released, highlighted by Olympian snowboarders and defending Dew Cup champions. The three-stop Tour kicks off at Breckenridge Ski Resort for the Nike 6.0 Open, December 16-19, 2010, continues on to Killington Resort, January 20-23, 2011 and concludes with the Toyota Championships at Snowbasin Resort, February 10-13, 2011. The top snowboard and freeski athletes will compete in slopestyle and superpipe disciplines for the coveted Dew Cup awarded at season’s end and for a total of $1.5 million in prize money.

Good luck to all the EB Team riders on the list. Way to go.

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Sage Kotsenburg
Torstein Horgmo
Tyler Flanagan
Charles Guldemond
Eric Willett
Brandon Reis
Sam Hulbert
Ulrik Badertscher
Halldor Helgason
Nick Poohachoff
Ian Thorley
Andreas Wiig
Yale Cousino
Nick Julius

Nate Kern
Tim Humphreys
Madison Ellsworth
Wyatt Caldwell
Shaun White*
Cody Boan**

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Jamie Anderson
Jenny Jones
Spencer O’Brien
Kjersti Ostgaard
Janna Meyen-Weatherby
Megan Ginter
Lynn Neil
Kimberly Fasani
Taylor Owen**

Update on Taylor from her dad:
"Only bad news is that Taylor can't compete until January, Surgeons order. She has been given the okay to ride as soon as her brace is built in 2 weeks, then just waiting for snow. She just can't leave the ground until after Christmas."

For the entire listing of riders check out Transworld here


This is always a fun event if you're in the Beerlington Vt area or can get your butt up there for it. Get some cold dranks too after 9 in the Green Room. PBR specials bro!

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With winter on its way and all the snowboard talk flying around the shop, I took a minute to get some straight answers from the Crowleys about possible plans for the park this season. Eric will be back again this year which is good news. Eric knows how to build jumps and work in a park. He's spent plenty of time grooming and working at Loon too to know what's up. Given the snow, a decent crew, and hopefully a few less restrictions on being creative with the trail things should be fine. We're seeing lots of other mountains and smaller ski areas updating their features this year, and after a couple of emails back and fourth with Jeff Crowley it seems that Wachusett is also on board to finally update the old features we have delt with for the last few years. When questioned, Jeff replied "It just so happens I just asked Mike Halloran to have Eric order thousands of dollars of new hits from Destroy of Maine earlier today."
Hopefully this can help put some rumors about "no park" at Wachusett this winter to rest. This is at least a step in a positive direction. Hang in there Wawa locals. I'll try and catch up with Eric asap and see what he has the funds for. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Here's the link. They're starting to get this here thing a rolling for round two.