Friday, October 31, 2008


11/2/08 Daylight Saving Time ends. Remember to set your watch back 1 hour on Sunday morning.


Don't forget to go skate the Worcester Green Hill park today around 2 or 3pm with the crew.


Changed to the 22nd!!!!

Key words in this flyer...Waterville...Rome ...EB....FREE..drink specials ( my personal favorite )....and fun...Biederman's makes killer sandwiches too. Get your feed, drink and audio visual stimulation on all night long.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008




This sort of thing makes my day. It's one of those clips I wish was on a loop so I could watch it over and over again. It's like a cartoon.....so good.

Monday, October 27, 2008


If you're looking to save some money this year on lift passes and ride Wachusett, we do have the GPS Club forms here with the extended deadline of 11/19/08 for the bronze, silver, and gold passes. The bronze pass is still just $199,silver $259, and gold pass $479 but each one goes up $100 after the 19th of November. Sign up quick, it'll pay for itself in about 5-6 times going there and we all go a lot if you're local.

If you're able to ride weekday mornings come meet up with the shop guys during the week for runs before work. We pretty much have the place to ourselves until lunch.

Look for EB at Wachusett again this year with events like the Ryan Joubert Slopestyle and other fun low key contests.


If you're into older sounding skate punk tunes we have the Boardlords discs here for $9.99...Give your ears a jolt.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Unfortunately there is not going to be an E.B. costume party due to lack of a venue and other such things, BUT we are gonna be jamming out at the Green Hill Skate Park on Fri. the 31st. THATS HALLOWEEN FOOL! (Rain date: Nov. 1st.)

BBQ? Prizes? Who Knows. Show up dressed as your favorite ghoul or goblin or whatever your into, and maybe you could win something. We're gonna start setting up around 2 or 3pm. So get up there while we got some decent weather left. See you there ~Aqua

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Plop this on your jib to do list... Get your slide on over at Waterville with Rome Snowboards Sat Nov 15th. and if Cavans there nail him with snowballs.


If you're up near Beerlington VT tonight go check out the These Days and EB movie for FREE!

Monday, October 20, 2008

MOUNT SNOW...OPEN..sort of.

Bet you didn’t think you’d have a snow report in your inbox on October 19.

Here it is: the first snow report of the season. Snowmakers reported for duty last night and fired up the fan guns on Launch Pad just after midnight. They blew snow through daybreak and Gaitor and the Park Crew showed up around 8am, shovels in hand. It took some wheelbarrowing and strong backs, but they set up a rail, two boxes and two culvert jibs; a few dozen “in the know” lucky ducks showed up to be Mount Snow’s first skiers and riders of the season.

You missed it? No worries. We’re blowing more snow tonight and Launch Pad will be open to the public tomorrow, and then as long as the snow holds. See a Ranger and make sure you grab a lift ticket – they’re F-R-E-E, that spells free.

So let’s think about this. Today marked the last downhill race of our summer-long SoBe Energy mountain bike series. It was also the last day to play a round of golf at the Mount Snow Golf Club. Plus, skaters were hanging out in the Carinthia skate park. Historical: on October 19, 2008, a person could golf, skate, mountain bike, ski and ride, all in the same day at Mount Snow. We’re multitaskers.

After tonight’s mid 20s, it looks like we’ll have a few nights above the freezing mark. But after that, another spate of temps in the 20s is in store, so rest assured we’ll be blowing snow. We’ll keep Launch Pad open to the public as long as there’s enough snow to slide on, so keep a close eye on the snow report for updates.

It’s on.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


All good things must pass and we all trudge on. Growing up snowboarding with good friends was more like hanging out with an odd extended family of people from all over New England. I just found this old crumpled up MIA ad with Doug Byrnes under the seat of my car. I don't remember how it got there, but when I pulled it out and saw it I was stoked. Stoked to have been a part of when snowboarding was really just blooming and nothing really mattered all that much when it came to rules and cares. I was introduced to the Byrnes family through Kovall, Tabor, Muzz..Alexie and whoever else had made the Byrnes house at Stratton a flophouse of kids looking for a floor to sleep on and to build a weekend of total sloppy memories. Back when anyone who was at the Open knew to just finish the nights off at the Hayes house where a whos who of riders and randoms gathered to make some noise. Brushie may have been spinning records, and the vibe would have been perfect. A lot has changed with snowboarding over the last twenty some odd years and really when you think about it, not much has changed at all. The faces have come and gone, and companies ...many ..many companies have faded into oblivion. MIA snowboards was a really sick smaller producton. Although long gone, I still tune quite a few every winter and people won't give them up.......no big news here, just a cool memory that not many people may be able to share with me but those that knew Doug and MIA might just have a smile on their face by seeing the ad again. Peace...Bub

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


IT'S ALWAYS SNOWING SOMEWHERE will be showing at Jillians of Boston 145 Ipswich St 617-437-0300 on Saturday night 10/18.

Some of the team will be there signing autographs from 5-6pm..(all ages) including Burton/EB team rider Yale Cousino.
You'll be able to go bowling with the team from 6-8pm and the video will be showing from 6:30-7:30pm. The after party kicks off at 8:30pm for the 21+ crew. Go check it out.


If you get the chance, go catch the Guns of Navarone at Tammany Hall Nov 1st. Tell Bob to sing some old punk tunes too.


Eddie Fiola, Dizz Hicks and Stu Thompson seen here ripping it up. .....huh? Upon closer review it looks like it's just Big Dawg, James and Party Marty holding it down. Not to belittle their ability to rip ..their just not quite legend status yet but their working on it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you didn't make the premiere here's the movie. If you spend 99 bucks on new snowboard gear in the store you can have a free dvd copy to take home while supplies last too. You'll get the bonus footy that way...check it out.

The Eastern Boarder Movie from Eastern Boarder on Vimeo.


Rome's pushing back at the big money makers with this boot and it's up to you to decide what side of the sea saw you should sit on. They make a valid point here. Love it or hate it, the outside heavies keep on barging the "core sports" when it looks like they can cash in. It's not really a question of if they can make a decent boot, it's a "where the hell were you when we got going issue." Should you spend your hard earned money on the guys that trudged through the trenches of having to fight their way in to sit on a chairlift 20yrs ago, or shell out the bucks to a brand that has been in your closet for one reason or another that recently decided snowboarding is also a worthwhile investment for their company now that the growth is there?

This is from the Rome site:

Should we support the idea that a brand’s roots, involvement in, and connection to snowboarding don’t matter?

Should we say, “hey, athletics-r-us brand, you haven’t given a shit about snowboarding for 30 years and your spandex-clad board of directors still don’t give a shit about snowboarding now, but that’s cool, come on in and make some money off us”?

Should we really accept them as a snowboard or skate company just because they can spend a ton of cash on some of the best, most iconic riders? Does the ability to cut a big check magically turn a pair of figure skates into a pair of snowboard boots?

Should snowboarders lie down and accept it when the mainstream tries to reduce snowboarding to just some other generic form of “athleticism”?

If you think the same logo that’s on that nut-hugger swim suit, golf ball, tennis skirt, jump rope, baseball bat and rollerblade might as well be on your next pair of snowboard boots, what will snowboarding look like in five or ten years? Will it be influenced in a way that’s true to our history?

Does any of this matter?

Does snowboarding even matter?

That’s up to you.

The Libertine Drunk, a collab between the Rome SDS and Consolidated Skateboards, is a limited edition get-together of two brands who think sporting goods companies aren’t snowboard or skate companies.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


...to everyone that came out last night to see the video premiere. A lot of people drove quite a ways to check it out, and we we're stoked to have you there. Thanks to Tanner and the crew for working hard all winter and putting the movie together too. Everyones support for events is really appreciated. Hope you had fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Mike Tessier sent these pics he took of his roomate Adam Hribar. Mike has been out of the shop and going to school for shooting pics at Hallmark. Looks like he's learning something.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Steve.C2 from shapeco on Vimeo.

Leominster shop head "Spada" has been getting behind the lens and editing more often..here are some of the results. I dig it.


.......Ground Control to Major Tom....Commencing countdown, engines on...Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

You'll really make the grade in these ROME LIMITED ARTIST 390 bindings....guaranteed to blast you into space. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on because you'll be floating in a most peculiar way, far above the moon...........Can you hear me? Can you hear me? ...then there's something you can do....get down here and grab a pair.


...that is unless you purchase a Volcom jacket or pant at EB this Fall and mail in a voucher for a free day of riding at Waterville Valley. Waterville is a total breeding ground for up and coming riders. Maybe some of their magic snow will get in your veins and you'll be the next Pat Moore. Check out the new Volcom threads.. their sweeeet.


Tired of trying to get Mom and Dad to lend you a few bucks? This is a simple fix...get a job. Nashoba Valley Ski Area is looking for employees which means if you work there you'll be right on the snow when you punch out this winter too..bonus. Head on over to the job fair and stop pulling the rabbit ears out of your pockets.


Caught up with our old friend Gorms today who's been living out near Stevens Pass. Matt wanted to say hello to his friends and extend the old couch camping experience to those making it out West this year. For those who don't know Matt, you can thank him for helping infect the entire New England area with his push towards better parks for both snowboarding and skating while he lived here. Matt rips it all from concrete to snow.....not bad for a crusty old man.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Strands got us bumped up to 10PM due to their movie schedule so go early and sit at the Spillway first for pre game.