Monday, March 17, 2008


I took a ride up to Sugarloaf for the last three days with the family and happened to catch our old friend Andrew Mutty who's the Flow Team Manager along with Antti Autti and Risto Mattila doing a shoot. Down at West Mountain there's a tunnel under the road you ride under to get to the chair. Jay Scambio from Loon was there working with Mutty too building the take off and a little bit of a landing. The gap was probably around 50-60' from lip to landing and the guys were towed in by sled down the trail at 60-70 mph according to the guy towing. My guess is they hit the take off doing about 50 after dropping the tow rope. Within an hour of setting up sure enough word was out, and the guys had a session in front of most of the people that live on west mountain in the condos and homes. Warehouse Steve H., Mutty, Autti, Risto and I were subjected to 80's night at the Widowmaker bar that night where we shot a little pool and killed a few hundred virtual animals on Buck Hunter. It was good to see Mutty again, and thanks for the show Antti and Risto ( who are probably killing it at the Open this week ). Look for more FLOW product at EB next season. We have dug a little deeper into their line with boards, boots, and bindings for 2009.

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