Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I don't have an official flyer for this yet and might never have one so here's a list of the W's....

Where?....Wachusett Mountain. Actual event time will probably be 11am - around 2:30pm.

When?....This Saturday the 2nd get your bad self over there. Don't be a turd and be late for registration. Besides it'll be a Saturday and you'll be taking the shuttle to the lodge if you're there later than 9:30am. Not good.

What?...Our Annual Ryan Joubert Slopestyle event. Very good.

Why?....You rip and you want to take home some money. Excellent!

Win?....Cash..icey cold green lettuce. CREAM.

Wow!.....like yeah..wow I can win some money and pay some bills or blow it all on a cheap date. Not too bad.

Weeee!.....Weeeee! We'll be sliding boxes, rails and throwing down hammers all day on jumps and hopefully a 1/4 tube. Most excellent.

Wham?.......Herb has a thing for George Micheal and I figured I'd toss that in here. He should be there too after Vegas this week unless he and Steve get all silly and go to the big house. Funny if it happens but expensive for lawyer fees.

Woozy!....If all goes well the Copper Top will be a meeting place for treats after the things said and done for old folks. Bonus.

Wicked...It'll be a wicked awesome shredical day bro! Don't be a kook and miss it. Lame.

So there you have it. You'll need a valid lift pass for the day and there is an entry fee of let's guess 20 bucks ish so there is a decent purse. Don't quote me on this yet but there may be as much as 1,000 dollar bills or another combo of bills that should equal $1,000 up for grabs. Either way, if you place you should have more in the bottom of your pocket than you came with. Super bonus...............update for those that still read old posts...looks like a $500 purse..still a bonus. Look above now for the real deal.

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