Thursday, July 19, 2012


Wachusett Mtn is looking for a Park Manager for 2012-13. Here's a decription of the responsibilities if you're curious of the position....welding knowledge would be a plus. Apply soon if you think you're going after it, maybe that way some new rails and boxes can start being made asap.
Draft Terrain Park Manager Responsibilities: Creatively designing plans for the terrain park layout, taking into account the natural features of the mountain and knowing how to turn those plans into reality Building take-offs, landings, etc. Constant care and maintenance of rail features and jumps, knowledge of when a feature should be open or closed, ensuring all signage, fencing and park entrances are in order, inspecting features to ensure that they are safe for the public Monitoring and fixing any and all equipment Organizing and executing events and competitions taking place in terrain park Making safety the number one priority — making sure that everyone is conducting themselves appropriately in the workplace and educating the public and staff in the park coordinating your team with other departments, including grooming, lifts Maintaining a park log that shows daily maintenance for every jump feature, rail, half pipe, boarder cross Guest relations and assisting ski patrol in accident situations Ensure that mountain operations/ski patrol are aware of terrain park opening/closing Conducting rider counts — it is important for terrain parks to operate based on volume — and documenting figures several times a day Maintaining a clean site Daily upkeep of all fences, signage, hit markers, jumps, rails and everything that falls into the terrain park boundaries Ensuring that all riders have park pass Overseeing all aspects of the new Air Bag operation including crowd control, parental consent forms for riders. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Being well-organized is the key to this type of position Good people management skills are an asset. A typical crew is 30 people strong — keeping everyone happy is key Administrative skills are an asset: scheduling, training, equipment/uniform sign out, computer skills, hiring Communication skills, with crew and superiors The ability to be outside no matter what the weather conditions are —rain, snow, wind, cold Possible Future Career Path: Mountain operations or maintenance management


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with that... not as easy as you think.

Anonymous said...

Where do we apply?