Thursday, November 3, 2011


James looking cold
Beaupre manning the grill and holding it down with the tough guy look ask him what the other guy looked like
Seth putting the stunt sticks to work sorry for the bad photo
Big red doing big things and on a side note dude with the Flannel has the best hot bars this side of the Mississippi seriously sick!
Chilling with the mandatory dude in shorts photo
Everyone trying to get what was theirs before mother nature took hers

This past saturday locals James and August helped us out and coordinated a little bmx jam chill and grill out in the lot. Even with a less then promising weather forcast and freezing temps a bunch of heads showed up ready to get their shred on. We pulled out some ramps and things just got going. Everyone was tossing themselves at obstacles, some with more luck then others keeping the rubber side down. As the temps dropped further the grill got fired up and Beaupre manned the flames grilling up some grub so every got a little something to warm themselves up. Derek hands down took the Man award jumping the dumpster blind using two semi rickity three foot wide quarter pipes. ( the pictures don't do it justice it was wild first try like a champ) Even though derek might have been the man everyone was doing some cool stuff. I saw hot bars and plenty of cool stunt stick tricks from most everyone else. At the end a few sick T's from 90 East got tossed out thanks to Lino G. All in all a rad day even if it got cut short by the sky opening and dumping a foot of snow on us. Thanks to everyone that came out, hopefully we can do it again when the weather is a littler nicer.

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